Our Vision

Innovative application delivery and access for
today’s hybrid technology environment

Unified User Experience

Empower your workforce with the same clean, efficient experience, no matter the platform application or device.

The Right Apps for The Right Users

Ensure your users have consistent, streamlined, context-based access and management for every single application they need to keep business moving.

Worry-Free Software Distribution

Release and patch company-wide updates without costly disruptions or frustrating delays.

Trusted By

Industry Innovators

Leading companies choose us for innovative application management they can rely on.

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Why Choose Liquit?

easy work-from-anywhere enablement, elimate technology gaps, powerful modernization, application management platform
Powerful Modernization

Unlock your business potential with the ability to leverage today’s most cutting edge, collaborative technologies.

easy work-from-anywhere enablement, elimate technology gaps, powerful modernization, application management platform
Eliminate Technology Gaps

We provide a sophisticated yet simple solution that eliminates friction in hybrid technology environments.

easy work-from-anywhere enablement, elimate technology gaps, powerful modernization, application management platform
Easy Work-From-Anywhere Enablement

Remote work is increasingly becoming a cornerstone of modern business. We make it effortless, flexible and consistent.

The Liquit Difference

Liquit has created a platform that truly stands out, giving your company a unique set of advantages:

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easy work-from-anywhere enablement, elimate technology gaps, powerful modernization, application management platform
Unmatched Application Expertise

The Liquit Team has decades of experience in all facets of application management. We’ve leveraged that expertise to create an innovative platform that users love and companies find indispensable.

easy work-from-anywhere enablement, elimate technology gaps, powerful modernization, application management platform
Technology Agnostic by Design

Quite simply, no matter the technology your business requires, Liquit provides the same consistent, fluid experience, leaving your IT department happy, your costs reduced, and your company positioned to evolve effortlessly.

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The Game Changing Platform

Liquit’s expert-backed application management delivers a combination of modern technological flexibility and intuitive user experience that is simply unmatched in today’s business landscape.

Our Team

A platform built by people who have been there

Our team has been in the trenches working in application management and delivery for large organizations, and has seen the headaches it can entail. That’s why we built something different, powerful, and simply better.

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A platform designed to make application management easy

From end-users to IT departments, Liquit leaves organizations happier top to bottom because it just makes sense, with a clean, elegant user experience and an ability to manage company-wide updates without the slightest interruption.

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Our Success Stories

A track record of delighted customers

Hear from industry leaders who have seen firsthand how Liquit can transform business operations, reduce costs, and result in a happier, more productive organization from top to bottom.

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Platform Features

Liquit Workspace

Liquit Workspace gives end-users clean and consistent access to all of their applications in one pleasing interface, with a customizable look and feel that will remain constant across any device.

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Platform Features

Liquit Access Manager

Large organizations may deploy hundreds of applications, and managing all the different access information can be frustrating and inefficient for employees. Liquit Access Manager is a fully integrated single sign-on solution that works fluidly with Liquit Workspace to make application access simple and immediate.

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application access, secure access, contextual awareness, intelligent identification

Platform Features

Liquit Release & Patch Management

All IT teams need to configure, deploy and patch applications, which means they have all experienced what a time-consuming task it can be without the right tools. Liquit Release & Patch Management streamlines and simplifies the process beyond any IT team’s highest expectations.

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Our Industries

Trusted Across Major Industries

Liquit has empowered companies in a wide variety of industries to change
their application management for the better, including:

finance industry leader. application management platform, collaboration, frictionless collaborative environments, lower costs, productivity


In an industry where time is literally money, financial industry leaders have trusted Liquit as their application management solution, helping create frictionless collaborative environments where costs come down and productivity thrives.

healthcare industry leader. application management platform, collaboration, single sign-on


Technological modernization in healthcare organizations can be challenging. With Liquit, healthcare companies gain a powerful tool that keeps them on the technological cutting edge while fostering seamless, user-friendly collaboration organization-wide.

distribution industry leader. application management platform, reliability, scalability, efficiency and consistency


No matter the size or scope of a distribution network, an application management solution that is reliable and scalable is an absolute must. Liquit gives distributors of all types the tools they need to achieve a new level of efficiency and consistency.