Release & Patch Management

Manage your OS and third-party application patch compliance.

Liquit Workspace

Deliver and Manage Any App on Any Device.

Liquit Setup Commander

Create Applications for deployment in a simple and intuitive way.


Liquit is a Dutch software development company that helps companies gain maximum control over their application landscape and data flows. Liquit applications aim to give quick and easy access to all possible applications, legacy or cloud based. Their main product, Liquit Workspace, is a digital workspace solution that provides employees with an easy to use work environment where they can access all applications and information they need, anytime, anyplace, and on every device.

This is what we stand for:

Liquit ensures that people can concentrate on their core tasks. All Liquit solutions, from Workspace to Setup Commander, Access Manager and Release & Patch Management, are aimed at performing common tasks quickly and easily. Users of Liquit solutions get a consistent working environment on every available device, so that all required applications and data can always be found easily. The starting point is that the productivity of employees increases if the technological aspects of the solutions used disappear into the background and no longer distract from the work that employees want to do with it.

Liquit solutions have a footprint of up to five times smaller than comparable alternatives, which means that Liquit solutions start up faster and work more smoothly. Liquit solutions are also not dependent on virtualization and can use local resources (fat clients) to improve the speed and responsiveness of applications.

Complexity is at the expense of productivity, speed and safety. By removing complexity, Liquit ensures that functionality is easy to find, that Liquit solutions are implemented simply and quickly in the organization, that users can easily and quickly gain access to new applications of any type or supplier, and that the application landscape management is greatly simplified. , and that policies (such as the use of VPN on location) are easily implemented without end users noticing.

Liquit extends cooperation with VMware

A selection of customers that we are proud of:

Founded in 2015 and based in the Netherlands, Liquit is a software vendor that is making Enterprise-ready Workspace Management and Enterprise Service Catalog solutions.


  • “We chose for Liquit for its simplicity, its quick management and for the freedom it provides to users working in the Liquit workspace.”

    Leon Urbanus
    Head ICT Carante Groep
  • The installation and configuration of Setup Commander is easy. Every company, educational, government or commercial should have this application.

    Dirk-Jan Noorbergen
    Hogeschool Utrecht