Every Application

Agility and Flexibility = Mobility

There are many virtualization tools and platforms. Each has their pros and their cons. We enable you to plug into every option so you can have the best of all worlds. Combine local, legacy and cloud apps, combine VDI, TS, and HTML5 virtualization platforms. We aggregate and centrally deliver to your end-users.

Every User

A superior and consistent user experience.

Publish our smart application icon to your client and Liquit determines the best way to deliver the app upon context of where your end-user is, what device they are using and what rights you have assigned. Your end-users can use any device, and combine their  personal apps side by side with work apps. Single sign on for a combination of local, DaaS, SaaS applications. An uninterrupted, consistent end-user experience regardless of what changes may be made on the backend. Migration from one platform to another made easy!

Every Platform

Deliver a digital Workspace that does everything.

We radically simplify your administrative environment. Our APIs allow you to plug into whatever platforms you need. We aggregate and centrally deploy your applications from any environment and to any device- Hybrid, on cloud, and on premises. We give you the only cross platform application aggregator and management solution. A single administrative console to deliver and manage a customized end-user experience with a completely managed full image. We run locally whenever possible and revert to your platform of choice when necessary; which reduces concurrent licensing costs and improves the end-user experience. Want to migrate to the cloud? We make it easy for enterprises and service providers to bridge the gap, migrate and never interrupt your end-user experience.

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