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Many IT organizations are looking at Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Liquit accelerates your move to WVD in different ways, based on our WVD connector. In order to connect to Windows Virtual Desktop you have different options when using Windows 7 or Windows 10:

The Windows Desktop client is the one which we focus on in this blog since
mstsc doesn’t support connecting to a WVD Gateway by default and the Microsoft Remote Desktop Windows app in the Microsoft Store doesn’t support seamless WVD.

Now the correct name is ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop client’ although Microsoft seems to call this the ‘Windows Desktop client‘ also.

Let’s create a managed package in Liquit Workspace for the Windows Desktop client using the Setup Store connector:

  • Click Manage, Connector, then select the Setup Store connector
  • Click Resources and search for ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’
  • Select either one of the available ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ setups, depending on the platform you want to deploy it on
  • Click ‘Create Package’
  • In the Details screen opt for ‘Package Type = Managed’
  • In the Customize screen, click the ‘Configure’ option
  • Click the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ tab
  • Set AllUsers to 1 for deploying the client ‘per machine’, click ‘Save’
  • Click ‘Next’
  • In the Entitlements screen add the users you want to assign this package to
  • In the Summary screen leave the ‘Modify package after creation’ checkbox checked
  • Click ‘Finish’

The Setup Connector now grabs the latest version of ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop’ and creates a ‘Managed Package’.

‘Managed’ means that every time Microsoft releases a new version of Microsoft Remote Desktop, the Setup Store connector updates all ‘managed’ packages with the latest version of that particular application.

You can do this automatically, using a scheduled task, or semi-automatically using the ‘Updates’ feature of the Setup Store connector.

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