Workspace management tasks can easily be automated with Liquit. Tasks can be scheduled at quiet hours not to disturb the business. The IT department creates a personalized Service Catalog for each user based on his role in the company. By doing so the end-user will get his personalized and relevant Catalog on any device with a browser.

Setup Store

The setup store contains an extensive list (1200+) of the most common applications. From our Setup Store an application can be downloaded and with a single mouse click a package with all the right installation parameters can be created. This will allow the end-users in an organization to request an application from the Catalog and to have it installed locally without any installation screens. This Setup Store is refreshed constantly, guaranteeing that one always gets the latest version of an application. All common configuration solutions like SCCM, ZCM and others as long as they are based on Active directory, E-directory or LDAP are supported.

Scheduled Tasks

With this functionality it is now possible to automate daily IT tasks: e.g. restarting devices in certain timeslots, copying files in certain events and many other daily, time consuming repetitive tasks. This will save you time to focus on other IT tasks.


Liquit can be used as a Cloud Service, which makes it extremely easy to implement. No hardware, servers nor local installation is required. The only thing that needs to be configured locally is the Liquit agent. For partners Liquit is a great tool to create a Liquit Workspace, that they can deliver as a service to their customers. In those cases the partners can leverage Liquit’s multi-tenant capabilities.