Release Notes

2.6.3 (

Release notes


  • Use "HttpOnly" flag on cookies
  • Added "Only allow OAuth 2.0 authentication" option when ADFS is configured to deny username/password login attempts
  • Enabled TLS 1.1 and 1.2 support for Agent and Server
  • Added "ResolveDNS" option to the agent.xml to disable pre-resolving servers for improved proxy support


  • Edit INI action used the action name instead of the section name
  • File version check fails on files that contained a version name
  • Timeout issue in search
  • Authenticator not working when "Remote" is enabled in Subnet filter within a location
  • Agent download link still visible in side menu of the user portal, when disabled in configuration
  • Unable to add custom URI schema's that contain '-' within the Launch URI action
  • Authenticator is "enabled" on an identity source even when no authenticator has been selected
  • When searchbar is not collapsed icons on the toolbar could sometimes overlap
  • Open hidden URL not working within launcher session
  • Check for updates option with Connector synchronize still applies updates
  • Excessive tcp CLOSE_WAIT states on OAuth2 server
  • Taskbar pinning fails on latest version of Windows 10
  • File Version check fails on system files when matching Windows 10

2.6.2 (

Release notes


  • Add Identity Variables for SSO in OpenURL action (#2936)
  • Support for modifying default agent.xml in MSI using mst (#2939)
  • Allow repair on "Always install" packages for possible "Run once" dependencies (#2972)
  • Use POST method instead of GET to return Azure AD authorization code (#2977)
  • Option that allows you to specify in which format the agent is downloaded (#2882)


  • Navigating in group members list causes groups to be viewed as users (#2839)
  • UserHost randomly not starting (#2848)
  • Unable to sort version number columns (#2846)
  • Adding a URL with %20 gets replaced with + (#2868)
  • Uploading large files (3+ GB) backed by slow storage could cause upload timeouts (#2856)
  • Windows platform is not correctly identified in Firefox on 64-bit Windows (#2884)
  • New flag is not updated correctly when starting packages with the Liquit agent (#2875)
  • No filtering is applied when adding collection members (#2852)
  • Disabled icons are shown when the UI starts before the UserHost is ready (#2915)
  • On some devices the Open URL action with Firefox doesn't work (#2934)
  • Agent service crashes during RPC service startup (#2938)
  • Switching to fast in a list view could cause null exception (#2929)
  • Disabling launcher doesn't work in embedded agent.xml during installation (#2924)
  • PowerShell Get-LiquitUser returns incorrect identity (#2921)
  • Agent refresh fails with 'An item with the same key has already been added' when launching the same app to fast (#2919)
  • Optimize DB task returns error (#2927)
  • Hide categories when it contains disabled apps that are all hidden (#3003)
  • When user doesn't have the device.register permissions and the device session expired which does, it will be unable to reconnect (#2943)
  • Modifying environment variables doesn't effect current session (#3020)
  • Content not redownloaded when content download was aborted because of network issues (#3018)
  • Autocomplete variables are not clickable in some cases (#3023)
  • Incorrect or missing progress indication during installation of a package (#3029)
  • Progress bar doesn't hide for native icons when launch actions are being executed (#3031)

2.6.1 (

Release notes

  • Unable to remove entitlements (#2688)
  • Resource updates list isn't refreshed after applying multiple updates (#2684)
  • Apply resource updates doesn't display package name (#2679)
  • Documentation links in 2.6 points to 2.5 documentation (#2677)
  • Lock state not saved in Defaults (#2675)
  • Opening a 'location' filter on an action causes an 'undefined' error (#2740)
  • Liquit Workspace Agent fails to start on IGEL Windows 7 Embedded image (#2730)
  • Deduplicated file with different filename could cause missing download button (#2728)
  • Deploying a synchronized package dependency causes agent to trigger a NullPointerException (#2748)
  • Can't add filter after commiting snapshot (#2818)
  • Download button not available on upload path field when package is read-only (#2824)
  • Tabs opening in the background in IE when using the launcher (#2813)
  • RDP SSO not working when using Liquit Agent (#2830)
  • Registry import using elevated user causes File not found error (#2829)
  • When multiple ldap servers are specified, OAuth 2.0 authentication fails with invalid code on the second server attempt (#2838)

2.6 (

Release notes


Additional permissions have been added which can be defined within roles:

  • Wake device privilege
  • Wake collection privilege
  • Workspace privilege

User interface

  • Introduction screen is moved from Preview mode
  • Autocomplete feature has been added to all text fields within actions, filters and credential templates which support the use of variables.

Actions & filters

  • Relationships within Actions and Filters now shows the current name of the object (package or location) that is selected. Instead of the name at the time the action or filter was created.

Setup and Patch Management (Setup Store)

A new connector called the Liquit Setup Store. Get access to the latest software setups from a single interface.

  • Create packages by simply selecting the product (version) you want, automatically downloads the necessary installation files.
  • Customize setups before deployment by using the supplied configuration wizards.
  • Liquit Setup Store connector requires a seperate subscription, please contact Liquit Sales for more information.
  • Adobe products from the Setup Store are available during the evaluation period.


  • Snapshot retention policy per connector
  • Entitlement synchronization support for RDS and Liquit Workspace connectors.
  • Package dependecies are now ordered when synchronized.
  • Liquit Workspace Connector remaps objects within the current zone on synchronization. For example if a location filter has been created on a package in the source zone. When that package gets created in the target zone, it will remap the location within the filter to the location in the target zone, based on its name.
  • Added icons to the connector list.
  • The following connector methods are now available during creation:

    • On-demand: Manually create packages from a list of available resources, and receive updates when available for the manually created packages.
    • Synchronize: Automatically create, update and remove packages based on available resources.
  • Connectors now support both unmanaged and managed packages:

    • Unmanaged: Packages are initially created based on available resources, can be modified but update detection is not available.
    • Managed: Packages are created based on available resources, can not be modified but can receive automatic updates when the source has an update available.
  • RDS Connector now allows you to select the default Credential object to use for RemoteApps.

  • Resource lists are now real-time, no synchronization from the connector is required to see that latest changes.
  • New updates section on a connector, to check for updates the are available for managed packages.
  • Synchronization option on a connector, allows you to check or apply updates if available.


  • Web links are now opened in a new tab for Internet Explorer instead of a new browser screen.
  • Web links are now opened in the current browser window when accessing Liquit from a web browser.
  • The agent setup packages have been moved to the %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Liquit Workspace\Server\Agents folder on the Liquit Servers.
  • Server updates no longer override the default agent configuration for new zones.
  • Added XML options to disable native icons and event processing.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Email notifications on completion of a scheduled task.
  • Updated connector scheduled task, allows you to specify the following actions:

  • Check for updates

  • Download and prepare updates
  • Download and apply updates

2.5 (

Release notes:


As of version 2.5 all components of Liquit now require .NET Framework 4.5.


  • Added credential support to “Connect Drive Mapping” action
  • Added hidden option to the Open URL action, to launch an URL in the background.
  • Added the following new actions:
    • Install uploaded directory
    • Distribute package
    • Uninstall package


  • Content download progress is shown to the user
  • Agent refresh is triggered on the following events:
    • Network change
    • User unlocks device
    • User reconnects to RDP session
  • Created new Agent certificates to support the latest browsers.
  • Agent setup has full support for agent upgrades
  • Added the following XML options:
    • Launcher\Tiles: When enabled, this will activate the new tiles interface.
    • Launcher\StartConnected: When enabled, this will show the launcher interface only when a connection with Liquit is established.
    • Login\IdentitySource: Specify which Identity Source needs to be selected on default during logon.
  • Continue after reboot support for install packages
  • Added RDS location awareness support

Azure AD

  • Azure AD support has been upgraded from AzureAD Graph API 1.5 to Microsof Graph API 1.0.


  • Liquit Workspace Connector now includes support for “Description” and “Display Name”.


  • Deployments no longer requires Preview Mode
  • Existing Deployments will be migrated to the new format appending (Legacy) to the name.


  • Added documentation link to the manage interface
  • Added context aware documentation in user menu when user has manage rights.


  • Added the following new filters:
    • Agent Deployment Mode
    • File Version

Identity Sources

  • Caching has been improved for small environements.


  • When running the UserHost or Liquit Workspace shortcut in the start menu activates the Launcher window.

Load Balancers

  • Added support for the following custom HTTP headers:
    • X-Liquit-SSO: Activates SSO
    • X-Liquit-IdentitySource: Specify the default Identity Source to use on the logon page, can be combined with X-Liquit-SSO.


  • Liquit licenses are now activated online, giving the following advantages:
  • New zones are now activated with a 25 digit license key, instead of request/response codes.
  • You can check for new licenses, by clicking the “Refresh” option on the Licensing page.
  • Liquit periodically checks for new licenses if available and automatically installs them if needed.


  • Download uploaded icons and background images.


  • Introducing the PowerShell module to automate tasks within Liquit:
    • More than 180 commands are now available to automate tasks within Liquit.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Added the following scheduled tasks:
    • Wake Collection
    • Refresh Licenses

URL Parameters

  • Added a URL parameter to activate the tiles interface
  • Added Text-Color parameter to override the text color
  • Added Text-Shadow parameter ot override the shadow
  • Added page URL parameter to jump to a section within Liquit:
    • catalog
    • manage
    • contacts
    • userportal
    • package

User Portal

  • Added the following options to the user portal overview:
    • Change password
    • Introduction
    • About
    • Download Agent


  • Added the following system variables:
    • PackageID
    • PackageVersion
    • PackageTempDir
    • LiquitAgentDataDir
    • TEMP


  • Autolaunch support for devices without an agent installed
  • Added new modern tiles interface.

2.4.1 (



  • Improve server logging by including per HTTP request logs in Debug level (#1749)
  • Display package name in agent.log (#1742)
  • Add default log level entry in Agent.xml (#1738)


  • Add snapshot name to package information with admin privileges (#1745)
  • Search within workspace/catalog/contacts without having the search field active (#1482)
  • Launch application directly from a Liquit URI (#1560)


  • Added additional permissions (#1777)
    • Post application reviews
    • Remote Control devices
    • Remote Control users
    • Reset user workspaces


  • Nested Groups support at Identity Source’s Contacts Group Filter (#1818)

Bug Fixes

  • User Portal is accessible in embed mode (#1737)
  • Side Menu doesn't always size correctly causing items to be hidden (#1711)
  • Missing hover title on toolbar buttons when toolbar is collapsed (#1688)
  • Install uploaded file(s) destination placeholder unclear (#1684)
  • Trying to delete registry values that don't exist throws missing value error (#1678)
  • No available views causes javascript error (#1681)
  • Image position isn't updated properly when set from User Portal (#1594)
  • Reappearing requested package when changing categories in catalog (#1653)
  • Inconsistency in user portal with Confirm/Save buttons (#1601)
  • Occasionally a this._html null error is displayed when saving content (#1586)
  • Documentation URL pointing to 2.3 in 2.4 (#1589)
  • Focus outline Search field in Safari 10 (#1581)
  • You are still able open the edit variable screen with read-only permissions but unable to save changes (#1765)
  • UI inconsistency with Read-Only permissions (#1790)
  • Dashboard date selector not working (#1798)
  • Liquit Citrix Enhanced HTML doesn't support + as spaces in URLs (#1590)
  • Agent refresh loses package progress indication (#1805)
  • Large number of concurrent agent refreshes causes long individual refresh times (#1807)
  • When using WiFi on a device with device based registration could cause icons to be grayed out at user logon (#1812)
  • When an LDAP server is slow in processing a search request Liquit could return incomplete results (#1814)
  • RemoteApp configured as an Remote RDP action doesn't work on secondary monitors (#1825)
  • Removing a Liquit server object causes a not found error (#1873)

2.4 ( )


  • Added Identity source URL parameter to override default Identity Source on logon page.
  • Identity source URL parameter can be used in combination with SSO.


  • Connect drive mapping now allows you to specify network credentials object (Template)


  • Page size is now saved when changed in the lists.


  • Updated placeholders for all fields within actions, filters and connectors to show the syntax expected.

Identity Source

  • Option to specify during creation which field/attribute within the Identity Source needs to be used for mapping (ID) purposes. (ObjectGUID and SAMAccountName)
  • Changed the default mapping option from SAMAccountName to ObjectGUID for new Identity Sources.


  • Download uploaded content within Actions.


  • Reset user’s workspace from the manage interface.
  • Photo is now shown in the users detail page.
  • Photos are resized before being sent to users.
  • Allow Remote Control without Device rights.


  • Icon selector when selecting an executable or dll file as icon with Packages.
  • Package icon is now shown in the package detail page.
  • Added search field to the action types when adding an action.
  • Added search field to the filter types when adding a filter.


  • Team icon is now shown in the team detail page.


  • Category icon is now shown in the category detail page.


  • Identity Source Groups are now manageable from within Liquit.


  • Logoff RDP workspace session when logging out in Liquit.


  • Option to enable/disable shadow around text
  • Ability to specify working directory on personal apps.

Citrix Connector

  • Improved error handling


  • Added support for web-based platform filtering per package/action on: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, Mac OS


  • Also display Agent version if available.

2.3 (

Native Icons

Add Native Icons within the Windows environment. You can push Liquit application icons to the Start Menu, Desktop and Taskbar of the user. These options are available per entitlement.

  • No longer requires Preview Mode to be activated.
  • Progress indicator while distributing/installing packages started from an native icon.
  • This functionality does not require the Launcher to operate.


Views enable system administrators to define the settings of grids to their preference and share them with their co-workers.

  • All default views have been added as Built-in views.
  • A view contains the filters, column order and column visibility settings.


Permissions has received an updated interface, to better align with the other manage options.

  • System-level permissions are now manageable.
  • Interface has been updated to reflect other manage lists.
  • You can now use filtering and sorting.

Credential Manager

Define network credentials in an encrypted form, which can be used within actions.

  • Credential template support, to define the username syntax and per-user passwords, which can be used for SSO purposes.
  • Define network credentials which can be used for network file access in the device context (SYSTEM user), available for the following actions:
    • Copy Directory
    • Copy File(s)
    • Create Directory
    • Create Shortcut
    • Delete Directory
    • Delete File(s)
    • Install MSI
    • Install MSP
    • Install MSU
    • Move File(s)
    • Start Process
    • Uninstall MSI
  • Added credentials support to the "Uploaded RDP File" action, for SSO purposes.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

  • Improved the Microsoft RDS connector, now with full support for Windows Server 2012 or higher.
  • Added SSO support within Liquit for RDS.


The contacts page has been updated with a new look and feel.

  • Added remote control from an contact


You can apply your own look and feel to the Liquit Workspace by attaching your own custom stylesheet(s). The themes can either be added globally, to every zone within the system or per zone.


Sequence a set of application installations during the imaging process of both virtual and physical devices.

  • Define an order in which applications need to be installed
  • Override variables per package.
  • Define additional filters per package, specific to the deployment.
  • Assign deployments based on devices or collections.
  • Agent needs to be deployed in "Deployment Mode" to activate the deployments process.

The deployments functionality is currently only available within Preview Mode and has been tested with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit).


The following actions have been added, and require Liquit Workspace Agent 2.3:

  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Install MSP
  • Install MSU

User Portal

All personal related tasks/settings have been placed under the user portal. The following items have been moved to the user portal:

  • Approvals
  • Preferences
  • Diagnostics

The following items are new:

  • My teams


The following pre-defined system variables have been added for use within packages:

  • ${Platform.UserName}
  • ${Platform.SessionID}
  • ${Device.Name}
  • ${Device.FQDN}
  • ${Device.Address}

Other changes

  • Manage menu option has been added for administrators to the package context menu within the workspace.
  • Empty categories are no longer shown to the user within the workspace.
  • All list operations within Liquit are now offloaded to the server. This includes paging, sorting and filtering operations.
  • More items per page options have been added: 250, 500 and 1000.
  • Set default items per page within the User Portal.
  • Server and agent content verification support.
  • Subnet filter now supports the CIDR syntax.
  • Added virtual "Everyone" group within Liquit.
  • Column order and visibility is saved during navigation.

2.2 (

  • Launcher UI is no longer in a seperate executable.
  • Agent Support for IPv6.
  • Minimal launcher interface. (Hides Sidemenu and Menubar)
  • Agent-based registration support.
  • User-based logon is no longer required.
  • Liquit Tray icon.
  • New Favorites and Autolaunch privileges.
  • Server setup detects if a database upgrade is required.
  • Server setup prompts for service credentials during installation/upgrade.
  • Create Windows shortcut action.
  • Set default printer action.

Preview Mode:

The features that are available in preview mode, are not supported in production environments. We are collecting feedback from partners and customers before these features become available in a future release.

To activate preview mode please see our documentation at the following link: Preview mode

Features available in preview mode:

  • End User Introduction
  • Native Windows icons (Start Menu, Taskbar and Desktop)
  • VMware App Volumes connector.

2.1 (

  • New management interface
  • RDS Connector supports Windows Server 2012 and higher
  • Citrix StoreFront Connector
  • Specify custom URL in agent package
  • Modify package type after creation
  • Preference option to show/hide disabled apps in search
  • Role permission to allow/disallow adding personal applications
  • Role permission to allow/disallow renaming of personal packages
  • Role permission to allow/disallow agent registration/download
  • Remote option in subnet filter. (Allow filtering on thin client IP for View and RDS sessions)
  • WOL now does a subnet-directed broadcast

2.0 (


  • Fully manageable by system administrators.
  • System Administrators can assign teams based on groups.
  • Role based permissions.


  • Add custom global variables to an zone.
  • Override global variables based on the current location.


  • RD Gateway support for RDS-based Remote Applications.
  • In addition to sequential execution of actions a new option is available called first effective action, which removes filter requirements for launch packages which contain multiple versions of the software.
  • Icons indicating which action types require an agent.
  • Filters support per action when an agent is not installed.

Remote Control

  • Remote Control sessions based on user or device.
  • Add integration with your existing remote control software.


  • Assign packages to devices
  • Show effective packages that are assigned to the device or inherited from collections.


A collection of devices, which can be used for package entitlements.

  • Static
    Manually assign devices to a collection.
  • Dynamic
    Dynamically add devices to the collection based on filters. Updates to a collection can be executed in real-time or on schedule.


  • Icons indicating which filter types require an agent.
  • New filter operators:
    • Starts with
    • Ends with
    • Greater than
    • Less than
  • New filters:
    • Agent version
    • Platform
    • Platform Architecture
    • Platform Version
    • Device FQDN
    • Device Name

Load Balancers

  • Basic authentication is now supported for SSO purposes.
  • Monitoring API to validate a specific server is in a working state. Which includes checks like; access to the Liquit database and access to the content store.

Wake on LAN (WOL)

  • Wake a selection of devices from within Liquit.
  • Wake an entire collection.


  • Show effective packages that are assigned to the user or inherited from group memberships.
  • View events that are triggered by the user.


  • Effective location information of the user and agent.
  • Effective variables used by the agent.

Identity Sources

  • Manually synchronize an Identity Source to update the user/group cache.
  • Support for multiple Identity Sources with OAuth 2.0 enabled.
  • More control on what kind of modifications are allowed from within Liquit.
  • Option to cache photos from an LDAP source.
  • Assign authentications from an Identity Source.
  • E-mail address field for local users.

Scheduled Tasks

To run scheduled tasks within the Liquit Environment, tasks can be scheduled daily, weekday and hourly interval.

  • Clean content
    Remove all unused content in the content store.
  • Clean devices
    Remove devices after an period of inactivity.
  • Clean events
    Remove events when older than an amount of days.
  • Clean sessions
    Remove sessions after an period of inactivity.
  • Clean tasks
    Remove task history when older than an amount of days.
  • Synchronize collection
    Synchronize dynamic collections by schedule.
  • Synchronize connector
    Synchronize connectors by schedule.
  • Optimize database
    Execute maintenance actions on the Liquit database, for optimal performance.

Additional Features

  • Warning message when leaving pages that contain unsaved changes.
  • Pages with pending changes are marked with a “*”.
  • Warning message when changing Virtual Host name, about invalidating the license.
  • Option to show all (including workspace) apps in the catalog.
  • Improvements to the cache engine of Liquit, to improve performance for high workloads.
  • Select snapshot when copying a package.
  • Change font color of the application titles within the workspace.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Option to start the launcher in full screen mode.
  • Launcher component no longer required during agent installation.
  • Context menu availability on touch devices.
  • Back button within Liquit, restores sort, filter and selected page for lists.
  • Test e-mail settings