Content Store

All content (icons, background images, setup files) that gets uploaded to Liquit will be stored in the Content Store. Files that are uploaded to the Content Store will automatically utilize the built-in deduplication feature of Liquit. This feature works cross zone for increased storage efficiency. Content will be replicated among all Liquit Server instances within a database. This ensures high availability of all content.

On default the content store will be located in the “C:\ProgramData\Liquit Workspace\Server\Content” on each server.

Liquit supports the following Content Store scenarios:

  • Local directory on a server.
  • Server pointing to its own network share.
  • Servers pointing to a shared network share.
  • These scenarios can be mixed within a single Liquit database.

The following steps are required to move the Content Store to a new location:

  • Stop the Liquit Workspace Server service.
  • Move the content within “C:\ProgramData\Liquit Workspace\Server\Content” to the new location.
  • Ensure the Liquit Workspace Server service has read and write permissions on the new location.
  • Modify the Server.xml located in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Liquit Workspace\Server”:
  • A “Content” entry is located in the XML file, on default this has a value of “Content”, replace its value with a full path to the new location.
  • Start the Liquit Workspace Server service.