Location Filters

Location filters are used to determine the location of an Identity.


The source setting allows you to specify which reported IP address is taken into account.

  • Forwarded
    This takes the forwarded IP address (in case of a proxy) that has been set in the X-Forwarded-For header.
  • Direct
    Direct takes the IP address that is actually communicating with the Liquit backend. This could be a proxy.
  • Agent
    This always takes the agent IP address.
  • Remote
    Use the Remote-IP header.
Type Subnet
Network IP address
Subnet Subnetmask
Source Forwarded, Direct, Agent, Remote
Matches Yes, No
Agent required No

HTTP header exists

This let's you filter based on the existence (or absence) of a named HTTP header. This can be used when a known proxy sets a unique header and you want to filter based on it.

Type HTTP header exists
Name Name of header
Exists Yes, No
Agent required No

HTTP header value

Not unlike the 'HTTP header exists' filter, this goes one step further and lets you filter based on it's value.

Type HTTP header value
Name Name of header
Compare Equal, Not Equal, Contains, Doesn't contain, Starts with, Ends with
Value Value to check for
Agent required No