The Servers configuration allows you to view some details about the installed Liquit servers in this system


The Servers configuration is only visible when logged in as a local administrator to the primary zone of the system

Server Details

To view the details of a server, double click on it.

alt text
The details screen of the server

This screen lists the basic details of the server.

  • Name
    Name of the server.
  • FQDN
    Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of this server.
  • IP address
    The IP address of this server.
  • Version
    The version of Liquit that is running on this server.

alt text
The content screen of the server

The content tab lists some statistics about the content on this server.

Adding a new Server

To add a new server to the system, follow the installation documentation and point the server to the same database.