You can apply your own look and feel to the Liquit Workspace by attaching your own custom stylesheet(s). You do this by placing the required files in the appropriate folder. On the Liquit server you will find the "/themes/" folder you will find subfolder with the GUID corresponding with your Liquit zones. By placing your files in the appropriate folder Liquit will know to show this specific theme.

A theme should have at least the "theme.json" file in its folder. This file contains the basic configuration for the themes. This file contains fields for the theme's name, author, version and has an array which specifies the stylesheets that are required for the theme to function properly.

Select your Themes

When you have installed the theme you can choose your theme by selecting manage -> defaults. The dropdown menu after themes will display your newly installed theme in the selection box.

Select your new theme from the drop-downbox


If you don't lock the theme settings the end-user is able to override these settings.