The Views configuration allows you to manage Views within the Liquit system. Views enable system administrators to define the settings of lists to their preference.

Add new View

You can define a view on any list by clicking the down-arrows next to the column heading. You can toggle between columns and define filters based on it's content. When you frequently use a specific View you can save the view you have selected clicking the View button .

"Mange - Configuration"

By choosing the "Save as" option you can save the view as an entirely new view. See the section "Saving a new View" for all available options. By using save you will overwrite the current selected view. By clicking the trash can behind a View you delete the View. However you cannot overwrite or delete any of the built-in Views.

"Mange - Configuration"


You can't delete or overwrite an Built-in View.

Saving a new View

When choose the "Save as" option from the view menu a modal dialog. The "Details" shows all available options. The entity field is automatically tied to the list you are currently editing. You can choose to either create an personal or a system wide view. By selecting the Permissions tab you are able to restrict access to the current view.

"Mange - Configuration"

  • Name Name of the View

  • Type Define a view as a zone-wide View or as a personal View.

  • Entity The entity field is automatically tied to the entity you are currently viewing.

  • Description Provide an (optional) description for the View.

Enter your details and click 'Next' to continue.

Permission management for Views

You can choose to restrict access to a specific View by assigning permissions to an View. By default the new View is assigned to all users whom have access to the entity using this View. When you add a new person or group to the permissions pane you can choose whether these users should be have modify or View permissions.

"Mange - Configuration"