The Devices option allows you to manage the devices that are known to the Liquit system.

You'll be presented with a list of devices known in the Liquit system.

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The device list overview

This list gives you an overview of the devices that are known to the Liquit system.
It shows you the name of the device, agent version, platform and last contact date / time.


To view the details of a device, double click on it in the device overview, or select it from the list and choose 'Edit' from the menu bar.

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The details of a device

In addition to the information listed in the device overview list, the details window also shows the device's FQDN and IP address.

Device Events

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The events of a device

This view lists all events related to the device. This would detail package launches, installations, failures, etc.

Device Logged On

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The identities logged on to a device

This shows a list of identities who are logged on to the device.

Device Packages

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The packages list for a device

This list details all the packages associated with the device.

Remote Control

This allows you to remotely control a device.


To enable remote control of a device, first a package has to be created with the 'Remote Control' type.
Refer to the Packages - Remote Control documentation to set this up.

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The remote control pop-up window

When clicking on 'Remote control' you'll get a pop-up window asking for some details.

Property Description
Name The device you are remote controlling.
Package Select a remote control package from the list.
Address Choose between FQDN or IP address.

When you click on 'Confirm' the following actions will take place:

  1. The remote control package will be installed on your machine if an install action is present for this package and it's not already installed.
  2. The launch action of the remote control package will be executed and the 'address' you selected will be added as a parameter.

Wake on LAN (WOL)

The 'Wake' option allows you to wake up a device.


Liquit sends a WOL packet to the device from the Liquit server. You have to make sure your infrastructure is setup correctly to support this functionality

alt text
The WOL confirmation dialog

When you click on 'Confirm' the packet will be sent.


There will be no feedback if the action succeeded. Liquit currently does NOT verify if the remote device was successfully woken