Release Notes



  • Liquit Workspace connector dependencies synchronization error.
  • Last login property on zones is missing in the PowerShell module.
  • Back/forward navigation occasionally doesn't update page state properly.
  • Upgrading from 2.6 to 3.1 doesn't properly preload service account credentials within setup.


  • Added logout support to the Portal Integration APIs.



  • Portal Integration API improvements



  • Unable to search on system provided package name when user has specified a custom friendly name.
  • Remote RDP action could be unavailable.
  • Adding a personal package could result in duplicate name error while name isn't used yet.
  • Popup blocker prompt is incorrectly displayed within IE on certain URLs.
  • Renaming a package within the management interface removes the icon at the top.
  • Setting an emty DisplayName on packages using PowerShell causes the name to be hidden in the workspace.
  • PowerShell only returns the first 2000 results on all get commands.
  • Package priority field is missing in the PowerShell package commands.
  • Unable to save Uploaded script action within the Liquit Launcher.
  • Database upgrade fails on content table.


General changes

  • Added certificates to easily manage certificates.
  • Added identity providers to provide SAML 2.0 authentication.

Management Interface

  • Improved UI.
  • Web-browser back/forward support.


  • Active version number (of snapshot) is now displayed in the catalog details screen.

Access Policies

  • Usage tab has been added, which shows where access policies are being used.
  • Global variables now have their own privileges.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Monthly trigger schedule.
  • E-mail notifications can now be configured on built-in tasks.


  • ${FontsDir} path that points to the local font directory on the device.
  • ${CmdLine} variable used to pass additional parameters to a package using shellapi.exe.


  • Priority field on packages allows you to determine the execution order of event-triggered package actions.
  • Support for success return codes on launch actions.
  • New “Run script” (Local or uploaded) actions that allows you to easily execute a script in the following languages: PowerShell, VBScript or Batch.
  • New “Repair package” action allows you to trigger a force re-install action on a package.
  • New “Install font” (Local or uploaded) actions that allows you to easily install fonts within the local windows directory.
  • New “Prompt message” action allows you to display information to the end user.
  • Added Created At and Modified At values to snapshot details.
  • Multi-select in browse options for package/tags and package/license assignments.


  • Server names are now modifiable within the management interface.
  • Maintenance option now available on Liquit servers, which will report a “down” state to load balancer when enabled while the server is still operational.


  • Extra column for zones that shows last login time.
  • Primary zone can now be configured, this zone is used for builtin Scheduled Tasks to use its mail servers.


  • Support for passing parameters to programs using the shellapi.exe to launch a package.
  • Support for refreshing the launcher by using shellapi.exe.


  • “Device available” filter, allows you to check if the user is logged on a managed device (with agent).



  • Add Created at / Modified at values to snapshot details
  • Performance enhancement
  • Show which permissions are given for each privilege when assigning a team privilege


  • Missing icon in side menu when creating a new team
  • Adding an duplicate identity in teams doesn't update the existing row
  • Remote Control option is not available within contacts screen when no agent is installed
  • Unable to configure "Sequential, ignore errors" within Action Sets
  • Mark client secret as not required for AD FS
  • Remote control produces a javascript error
  • Initiating a remote control session showed all hidden packages
  • Can't search through devices and servers
  • Can't create a new zone without "modify zone" privileges



  • Search bar could overlap with detail view in contacts
  • Unable to create a new user when no privileges were set on Identity Sources
  • High CPU usage when multiple agents are refreshing
  • Team icons were missing when using the agent
  • Fix error message if no upload privileges are set
  • Download button on uploaded registry file
  • Credentials were unavailable during deployments



  • Added support for the french language in the setup store.
  • Changed "No agent required" option on packages to "Agent required"
  • Added support for caching small content files in memory.


  • Some disabled elements have a different styling.
  • Search icon issues on iOS devices.
  • Switching between type of task schedule will reset the time to 8:00.
  • Missing icons on introduction screen.
  • Missing combobox options in the setup store configuration wizards.
  • Device keeps reporting distribute and install events even when they are already installed.
  • "Service Exists" and "Service State" filters doesn't work on service display name.
  • Unable to save context with a subnet filter with the "Agent" option enabled.



  • Server content path setting isn't migrated when upgrading from 2.6 to 3.0.
  • Removing the last approver causes all pending approvals to get stuck in pending state.
  • When an approval gets rejected, the rejection message won't be mailed to the end user.
  • Identity Source modification privileges are needed to add, remove or modify local users.
  • ShellAPI doesn't display error during launch when the progress bar is hidden.
  • Unable to monitor task in a different zone (Install License/Refresh license).
  • SSO configured in the URL returns "An untrusted source attempted to request access".
  • ShellAPI could cause excessive CPU load when waiting for a task to complete.
  • Missing "country" field within contacts.
  • Hide "Display Name" and "Name" fields from Identity Source filters.



  • Agent tasks under diagnostics isn't working.
  • Default agent download setting has been changed to MSI.
  • User cannot be opened immediatly after adding a LOCAL user.
  • Default agent.xml contains device registration configuration.
  • Prevent overflowing text from disforming the snapshot boxes.
  • Connector synchronizer task not properly breaking lines in details for mails.
  • Upgrade to 3.0 fails during attribute migration.
  • Unable to view action set details if it can't be edited.



  • Added support for user settings within the Workspace Integration API.
  • Connector updates doesn't include package icons.
  • Unknown error is displayed when unable to read resources, without details.
  • Content cleanup task can timeout when the database is too large.
  • Show active apps setting for catalog has no effect.
  • Workspace Integration API doesn't support non-primary zones.
  • Login only (launcher disabled) doesn't properly handle offline mode.
  • Tags not visible on workspace with user privileges.
  • DNS resolve messages are shown in log even when Agent Load Balancing mode is disabled.
  • Workspace package launch error messages aren't user friendly.
  • Error details isn't visible within the events view.
  • Native icons aren't working properly with the 3.0 agent.
  • Agent won't try to redownload content if the initial request fails.
  • Actions with content fail to import from a Liquit Workspace 3 connector.



  • Teams without an uploaded icon has the default team icon shown at the end instead of the front.
  • Selecting the same access policy again on a user, group or context and saving the (change) results in access policy being removed.
  • Missing deployment icons in context, collection and device views.
  • Missing default package icons in license, tag and deployment views.
  • Missing icons in the user portal teams and credentials lists.
  • Its possible to assign an authenticator to the LOCAL identity source.
  • Unable to delete zone when an custom context is created within the zone.
  • Unable to delete server because of a database error.
  • Its possible to select two side menu items within the workspace.
  • Autocomplete is enabled for configuration password fields.
  • PowerShell: When unable to connect to a second default workspace, results in previous session remaining active.
  • PowerShell: Null exception is thrown when executing a cmdlet without a valid connection.
  • When triggering a identity source refresh could enable the identity source if its disabled.
  • Agent log level is forced to debug logging.
  • When a corrupt agent.db is found, agent will not attempt to recover it.
  • Inconsistent manufacturer names in MSI properties.


General changes

  • Liquit uses an all new REST based API for both management and workspace access.
  • All name fields have been increased from a maximum length of 50 to 100 characters.
  • Description fields have been added to all management objects.
  • Liquit uses Access Tokens as a preferred method for authorization to replace session keys.


  • Offline support
  • Web links opened in the launcher now use the default browser instead of Internet Explorer


  • Sidemenu has been simplified, showing all available filters.
  • Search has now been split up (Workspace, Catalog and Contacts) search requests to speed up results coming in as they are available.
  • Default icons based on package types.
  • Refresh button has been added
  • Loader has been added to indicate a manual refresh is inprogress.
  • Show progress when launching a package without agent.


  • Pending requests can be cancelled by the user.
  • Approvals are now available in the catalog.
  • Get/Request buttons have been added in the details view.
  • Additional filters have been added.
  • Refresh button has been added.


  • Login has been updated with a new UI.
  • The identitySource URI parameter will now hide other identity sources.
  • Support for Azure AD authentication based on login form or HTTP SSO.


  • Additional columns have been added that can be selected in list view, including but not limited to: IP, Manufacturer, System Model.


  • IP and listening ports can be modified using the new Server.json configuration file.

Mail Servers

  • Multiple mail servers can now be configured.
  • Servers can now be configured in Load Balancing groups.
    • Servers with the same priority are load balanced per request.
    • Server priority of 1 will be the preferred server that Liquit will use, unless a failure occurs.

Identity Sources

  • Select which authentication methods are enabled. (Login, Federated, HTTP and NTLM)
  • Move the order of preference of the authentication methods, to select which methods should be attempted first.
  • OAuth2 configuration settings are now available under "Federated".
  • Contact attributes can be hidden per identity source.

Identity Sources (LDAP)

  • Active Directory and eDirectory have been merged into a single LDAP Identity Source
  • Schema option has been added to the LDAP Identity Source to choice between AD or eDirectory schemas.
  • Servers can now be configured in Load Balancing groups.
    • Servers with the same priority are load balanced per request.
    • Server priority of 1 will be the preferred server that Liquit will use, unless a failure occurs.
  • Page size, Connection Time and Search Timeouts can be adjusted per server.
  • Secure option has been moved from global to per server.

Identity Sources (Azure AD)

  • Its now possible to use the Liquit UI as login option.
  • Azure AD credentials can now be used to connect with the Liquit Workspace PowerShell module.


  • Servers can now be configured in Load Balancing groups.
    • Servers with the same priority are load balanced per request.
    • Server priority of 1 will be the preferred server that Liquit will use, unless a failure occurs.


Contexts replaces both the locations and dynamic device collection feature. These can be used to assign user permissions within Liquit and as a means to distribute deployments and packages. A user can belong to multiple contexts, context settings are applied in order.

  • Filter based on user and/or device attributes.
  • Override system wide variables.


Categories have been renamed to tags.


  • Packages can be assigned from device, collection or context objects.
  • Package stage support has been added.

Remote Control

  • Remote Control packages are now supported without an agent.
  • Package filters are now being used to determine if package can be used.
  • Packages need to be assigned as (Hidden) packages, remote control is not available on agents of version 2.6.4 or prior.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Added the ability to add multiple schedules to a single task.
  • Removed the option to add system level tasks.

Access Policies

Policies replaces roles feature, enabling per object permissions based on their attributes.

  • There are two type of policies available:
    • Role - A traditional role based permissions system comparable to 2.x, that allows you to visually select what a person has permissions for.
    • Script - Create a custom script that allows you to control permissions based on attributes of a resource, to create per object permissions.
  • New role privileges have been added for the workspaces, including privileges that can be controlled:
    • Upload content
    • View tags
    • View/post reviews
    • View/request catalog items
    • Reset workspace
    • Add/view/modify/remove teams
    • View/modify/remove credentials.
    • Accept/reject/view/remove approvals.
    • API access (PowerShell and Liquit Setup Commander)


  • Package type field is now freely editable, no longer a fixed list of options.
  • Added offline option to a package, to make the package available while the agent is disconnected from the Liquit Server, requires 3.0 agent.
  • Added a "No agent required" option to enable this package for use without an agent running.
  • Added release management functionality
  • There are 4 stages available, namely;
    • Development - This a new version of the package can be created/modified.
    • Test - This is where a version is deployed to a select group of test users.
    • Acceptation - This is where a version is deployed to a select group of acceptation users.
    • Production - Deployed to all users within the organization.
  • Stage in which a user or device belongs to can be configured within entitlements.
  • Development stage (previously known as sandbox) can now be developed and deployed to select devices to test them before moving them to the next stage.
  • Staging is only supported with the Liquit 3.0 agent or without an agent.
  • Use Drag & Drop to move between stages.
  • Select stages to see their current configuration.
  • Distribute, Install, Launch and Uninstall action sets have now been moved into a single interface.
  • Ability to add multiple action sets of a single type, to group actions.
  • Disable entire action sets.
  • Added additional event triggers under entitlements:
    • Agent startup
    • Device startup
    • On session connect
    • On session disconnect
    • On session lock
    • On session unlock
  • Modify identity member is supported without agent.
  • Packages can be assigned from user, group, device, collection or context objects.
  • Browse for identity has been added to entitlements, allowing more sorting and filtering options.
  • Package relationships can now be viewed at dependencies tab.


  • Managed packages
    • Can now be modified by adding new action sets while still retaining update functionality.
    • Action sets that are created by the connector cannot be modified.
  • "Ignore missing dependencies" option has been added during the create and update package wizard.
  • Connector can be configured to place updates in a specified stage.