Release Notes



  • Added label link to package field on package details within deployments
  • Added support for 17 additional languages within the Setup Store
  • Added UPN to package entitlement search


  • Error isn't displayed when a Remote Control action has failed to launch.
  • Package display name field is not restricted to 50 characters.
  • Package in progress status is lost on refresh
  • Packages assigned by device collections don't show up on devices
  • Repair package also executes launch actions.
  • Missing progress bar for package installation progress
  • Custom displayname is removed when a package is updated by a connector
  • Fix context filter operations less/greater then are inverted.
  • Agent distribute state resets in certain conditions.


Citrix StoreFront Connector

With the release of Liquit Workspace 3.2.1691, the integration possibilities have been extended, Liquit Workspace now supports the following integration scenario’s:

  • Without any federated authentication
  • StoreFront via NTLM/Kerberos authentication
  • StoreFront SAML integration without Citrix ADC
  • StoreFront via Citrix ADC

For more information on how to setup your Citrix environment in conjunction with Liquit Workspace please refer to the technical whitepaper.


  • Added User principal name to user object and to Identity Providers.
  • Liquit browser is now available for pop-up windows.


  • Management sidemenu doesn't collapse anymore.
  • An unsolvable error could occur when a modify zone action was cancelled.
  • Hide tags that don't have any enabled packages in the workspace.
  • Disabled apps could show up in search although they should not.
  • Non-matching subnet filter in contexts isn't working correctly with multiple sources enabled.
  • Fix error "Transaction (Process ID xx) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction" while creating resource.
  • Fix package dependencies can return orphaned objects.
  • Fix unable to open a nested group within the Group members tab.
  • Fix unable to change frequency to "Always" on launch action sets that have been migrated.


  • Synchronizing an on-demand connector tries to update package names.
  • When canceling the reset workspace settings confirmation causes options dialog to become stuck.


General changes

  • Minor performance enhancements


  • Customizable username field in credential template
  • Network Credentials for printers

Identity sources

  • Added JumpCloud support


  • Snapshot is displayed at package dependencies



  • User assigned events isn't properly issued in some situations
  • Upgrade database from 2.6 to 3.0 fails on SQL Server 2008 R2 database server
  • "Object reference not set" error when trying to synchronize a package using the Liquit Workspace connector



  • Liquit Workspace connector dependencies synchronization error.
  • Last login property on zones is missing in the PowerShell module.
  • Back/forward navigation occasionally doesn't update page state properly.
  • Upgrading from 2.6 to 3.1 doesn't properly preload service account credentials within setup.


  • Added logout support to the Portal Integration APIs.



  • Portal Integration API improvements



  • Unable to search on system provided package name when user has specified a custom friendly name.
  • Remote RDP action could be unavailable.
  • Adding a personal package could result in duplicate name error while name isn't used yet.
  • Popup blocker prompt is incorrectly displayed within IE on certain URLs.
  • Renaming a package within the management interface removes the icon at the top.
  • Setting an empty DisplayName on packages using PowerShell causes the name to be hidden in the workspace.
  • PowerShell only returns the first 2000 results on all get commands.
  • Package priority field is missing in the PowerShell package commands.
  • Unable to save Uploaded script action within the Liquit Launcher.
  • Database upgrade fails on content table.


General changes

  • Added certificates to easily manage certificates.
  • Added identity providers to provide SAML 2.0 authentication.

Management Interface

  • Improved UI.
  • Web-browser back/forward support.


  • Active version number (of snapshot) is now displayed in the catalog details screen.

Access Policies

  • Usage tab has been added, which shows where access policies are being used.
  • Global variables now have their own privileges.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Monthly trigger schedule.
  • E-mail notifications can now be configured on built-in tasks.


  • ${FontsDir} path that points to the local font directory on the device.
  • ${CmdLine} variable used to pass additional parameters to a package using shellapi.exe.


  • Priority field on packages allows you to determine the execution order of event-triggered package actions.
  • Support for success return codes on launch actions.
  • New “Run script” (Local or uploaded) actions that allows you to easily execute a script in the following languages: PowerShell, VBScript or Batch.
  • New “Repair package” action allows you to trigger a force re-install action on a package.
  • New “Install font” (Local or uploaded) actions that allows you to easily install fonts within the local windows directory.
  • New “Prompt message” action allows you to display information to the end user.
  • Added Created At and Modified At values to snapshot details.
  • Multi-select in browse options for package/tags and package/license assignments.


  • Server names are now modifiable within the management interface.
  • Maintenance option now available on Liquit servers, which will report a “down” state to load balancer when enabled while the server is still operational.


  • Extra column for zones that shows last login time.
  • Primary zone can now be configured, this zone is used for builtin Scheduled Tasks to use its mail servers.


  • Support for passing parameters to programs using the shellapi.exe to launch a package.
  • Support for refreshing the launcher by using shellapi.exe.


  • “Device available” filter, allows you to check if the user is logged on a managed device (with agent).



  • Add Created at / Modified at values to snapshot details
  • Performance enhancement
  • Show which permissions are given for each privilege when assigning a team privilege


  • Missing icon in side menu when creating a new team
  • Adding an duplicate identity in teams doesn't update the existing row
  • Remote Control option is not available within contacts screen when no agent is installed
  • Unable to configure "Sequential, ignore errors" within Action Sets
  • Mark client secret as not required for AD FS
  • Remote control produces a javascript error
  • Initiating a remote control session showed all hidden packages
  • Can't search through devices and servers
  • Can't create a new zone without "modify zone" privileges



  • Search bar could overlap with detail view in contacts
  • Unable to create a new user when no privileges were set on Identity Sources
  • High CPU usage when multiple agents are refreshing
  • Team icons were missing when using the agent
  • Fix error message if no upload privileges are set
  • Download button on uploaded registry file
  • Credentials were unavailable during deployments



  • Added support for the french language in the setup store.
  • Changed "No agent required" option on packages to "Agent required"
  • Added support for caching small content files in memory.


  • Some disabled elements have a different styling.
  • Search icon issues on iOS devices.
  • Switching between type of task schedule will reset the time to 8:00.
  • Missing icons on introduction screen.
  • Missing combobox options in the setup store configuration wizards.
  • Device keeps reporting distribute and install events even when they are already installed.
  • "Service Exists" and "Service State" filters doesn't work on service display name.
  • Unable to save context with a subnet filter with the "Agent" option enabled.



  • Server content path setting isn't migrated when upgrading from 2.6 to 3.0.
  • Removing the last approver causes all pending approvals to get stuck in pending state.
  • When an approval gets rejected, the rejection message won't be mailed to the end user.
  • Identity Source modification privileges are needed to add, remove or modify local users.
  • ShellAPI doesn't display error during launch when the progress bar is hidden.
  • Unable to monitor task in a different zone (Install License/Refresh license).
  • SSO configured in the URL returns "An untrusted source attempted to request access".
  • ShellAPI could cause excessive CPU load when waiting for a task to complete.
  • Missing "country" field within contacts.
  • Hide "Display Name" and "Name" fields from Identity Source filters.



  • Agent tasks under diagnostics isn't working.
  • Default agent download setting has been changed to MSI.
  • User cannot be opened immediatly after adding a LOCAL user.
  • Default agent.xml contains device registration configuration.
  • Prevent overflowing text from disforming the snapshot boxes.
  • Connector synchronizer task not properly breaking lines in details for mails.
  • Upgrade to 3.0 fails during attribute migration.
  • Unable to view action set details if it can't be edited.



  • Added support for user settings within the Workspace Integration API.
  • Connector updates doesn't include package icons.
  • Unknown error is displayed when unable to read resources, without details.
  • Content cleanup task can timeout when the database is too large.
  • Show active apps setting for catalog has no effect.
  • Workspace Integration API doesn't support non-primary zones.
  • Login only (launcher disabled) doesn't properly handle offline mode.
  • Tags not visible on workspace with user privileges.
  • DNS resolve messages are shown in log even when Agent Load Balancing mode is disabled.
  • Workspace package launch error messages aren't user friendly.
  • Error details isn't visible within the events view.
  • Native icons aren't working properly with the 3.0 agent.
  • Agent won't try to redownload content if the initial request fails.
  • Actions with content fail to import from a Liquit Workspace 3 connector.



  • Teams without an uploaded icon has the default team icon shown at the end instead of the front.
  • Selecting the same access policy again on a user, group or context and saving the (change) results in access policy being removed.
  • Missing deployment icons in context, collection and device views.
  • Missing default package icons in license, tag and deployment views.
  • Missing icons in the user portal teams and credentials lists.
  • Its possible to assign an authenticator to the LOCAL identity source.
  • Unable to delete zone when an custom context is created within the zone.
  • Unable to delete server because of a database error.
  • Its possible to select two side menu items within the workspace.
  • Autocomplete is enabled for configuration password fields.
  • PowerShell: When unable to connect to a second default workspace, results in previous session remaining active.
  • PowerShell: Null exception is thrown when executing a cmdlet without a valid connection.
  • When triggering a identity source refresh could enable the identity source if its disabled.
  • Agent log level is forced to debug logging.
  • When a corrupt agent.db is found, agent will not attempt to recover it.
  • Inconsistent manufacturer names in MSI properties.


General changes

  • Liquit uses an all new REST based API for both management and workspace access.
  • All name fields have been increased from a maximum length of 50 to 100 characters.
  • Description fields have been added to all management objects.
  • Liquit uses Access Tokens as a preferred method for authorization to replace session keys.


  • Offline support
  • Web links opened in the launcher now use the default browser instead of Internet Explorer


  • Sidemenu has been simplified, showing all available filters.
  • Search has now been split up (Workspace, Catalog and Contacts) search requests to speed up results coming in as they are available.
  • Default icons based on package types.
  • Refresh button has been added
  • Loader has been added to indicate a manual refresh is inprogress.
  • Show progress when launching a package without agent.


  • Pending requests can be cancelled by the user.
  • Approvals are now available in the catalog.
  • Get/Request buttons have been added in the details view.
  • Additional filters have been added.
  • Refresh button has been added.


  • Login has been updated with a new UI.
  • The identitySource URI parameter will now hide other identity sources.
  • Support for Azure AD authentication based on login form or HTTP SSO.


  • Additional columns have been added that can be selected in list view, including but not limited to: IP, Manufacturer, System Model.


  • IP and listening ports can be modified using the new Server.json configuration file.

Mail Servers

  • Multiple mail servers can now be configured.
  • Servers can now be configured in Load Balancing groups.
    • Servers with the same priority are load balanced per request.
    • Server priority of 1 will be the preferred server that Liquit will use, unless a failure occurs.

Identity Sources

  • Select which authentication methods are enabled. (Login, Federated, HTTP and NTLM)
  • Move the order of preference of the authentication methods, to select which methods should be attempted first.
  • OAuth2 configuration settings are now available under "Federated".
  • Contact attributes can be hidden per identity source.

Identity Sources (LDAP)

  • Active Directory and eDirectory have been merged into a single LDAP Identity Source
  • Schema option has been added to the LDAP Identity Source to choice between AD or eDirectory schemas.
  • Servers can now be configured in Load Balancing groups.
    • Servers with the same priority are load balanced per request.
    • Server priority of 1 will be the preferred server that Liquit will use, unless a failure occurs.
  • Page size, Connection Time and Search Timeouts can be adjusted per server.
  • Secure option has been moved from global to per server.

Identity Sources (Azure AD)

  • Its now possible to use the Liquit UI as login option.
  • Azure AD credentials can now be used to connect with the Liquit Workspace PowerShell module.


  • Servers can now be configured in Load Balancing groups.
    • Servers with the same priority are load balanced per request.
    • Server priority of 1 will be the preferred server that Liquit will use, unless a failure occurs.


Contexts replaces both the locations and dynamic device collection feature. These can be used to assign user permissions within Liquit and as a means to distribute deployments and packages. A user can belong to multiple contexts, context settings are applied in order.

  • Filter based on user and/or device attributes.
  • Override system wide variables.


Categories have been renamed to tags.


  • Packages can be assigned from device, collection or context objects.
  • Package stage support has been added.

Remote Control

  • Remote Control packages are now supported without an agent.
  • Package filters are now being used to determine if package can be used.
  • Packages need to be assigned as (Hidden) packages, remote control is not available on agents of version 2.6.4 or prior.

Scheduled Tasks

  • Added the ability to add multiple schedules to a single task.
  • Removed the option to add system level tasks.

Access Policies

Policies replaces roles feature, enabling per object permissions based on their attributes.

  • There are two type of policies available:
    • Role - A traditional role based permissions system comparable to 2.x, that allows you to visually select what a person has permissions for.
    • Script - Create a custom script that allows you to control permissions based on attributes of a resource, to create per object permissions.
  • New role privileges have been added for the workspaces, including privileges that can be controlled:
    • Upload content
    • View tags
    • View/post reviews
    • View/request catalog items
    • Reset workspace
    • Add/view/modify/remove teams
    • View/modify/remove credentials.
    • Accept/reject/view/remove approvals.
    • API access (PowerShell and Liquit Setup Commander)


  • Package type field is now freely editable, no longer a fixed list of options.
  • Added offline option to a package, to make the package available while the agent is disconnected from the Liquit Server, requires 3.0 agent.
  • Added a "No agent required" option to enable this package for use without an agent running.
  • Added release management functionality
  • There are 4 stages available, namely;
    • Development - This a new version of the package can be created/modified.
    • Test - This is where a version is deployed to a select group of test users.
    • Acceptation - This is where a version is deployed to a select group of acceptation users.
    • Production - Deployed to all users within the organization.
  • Stage in which a user or device belongs to can be configured within entitlements.
  • Development stage (previously known as sandbox) can now be developed and deployed to select devices to test them before moving them to the next stage.
  • Staging is only supported with the Liquit 3.0 agent or without an agent.
  • Use Drag & Drop to move between stages.
  • Select stages to see their current configuration.
  • Distribute, Install, Launch and Uninstall action sets have now been moved into a single interface.
  • Ability to add multiple action sets of a single type, to group actions.
  • Disable entire action sets.
  • Added additional event triggers under entitlements:
    • Agent startup
    • Device startup
    • On session connect
    • On session disconnect
    • On session lock
    • On session unlock
  • Modify identity member is supported without agent.
  • Packages can be assigned from user, group, device, collection or context objects.
  • Browse for identity has been added to entitlements, allowing more sorting and filtering options.
  • Package relationships can now be viewed at dependencies tab.


  • Managed packages
    • Can now be modified by adding new action sets while still retaining update functionality.
    • Action sets that are created by the connector cannot be modified.
  • "Ignore missing dependencies" option has been added during the create and update package wizard.
  • Connector can be configured to place updates in a specified stage.