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We are proud to release our new update to Liquit Workspace and Liquit Setup Commander.

Below is a short list of the most important new features.

The downloads are available at the downloads page.

We keep innovating to help you to keep responding to changing business requirements, enhancing user productivity, and staying ahead of the competition.
We want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in Liquit. Over the past few months, we have released some important, new features; Are you taking advantage of them yet? These are some of the major features you do not want to miss:

MSIX app attach support

Configure the MSIX app attach feature right from Liquit Workspace.

The following actions are added to support MSIX app attach:

  • Attach Virtual Disk
  • Detach Virtual Disk

The existing “Install Windows App” action is improved by adding the “Stage in-place” option, which allows installing Windows Apps (MSIX) in-place, without installing the necessary files within Windows.

Liquit Workspace allows you to use MSIX app attach on demand, this means Virtual Disks will be attached when the affected application is started.

Additionally Liquit Setup Commander allows you to quickly create MSIX packages and MSIX app attach disks.

Microsoft WVD ARM (Preview)

Support for ARM-based Windows Virtual Desktops, allowing to import both ARM and non-ARM based resources.

OAuth2 Identity Provider

It is now possible to integrate applications with Liquit Workspace for Single Sign On using the OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect frameworks.

Identity providers require the Liquit Access Manager license, for more information please contact:

Enhanced User Catalog

Packages are enriched with additional content which end-users can use to select the applications they need.

  • All catalog related fields have now been moved to the Catalog tab.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can now be added on a package.
  • Reviews can now be managed from the package management interface.
  • Pricing information is now shown to the end-user for a specific package, by using the existing License feature.
  • Media can now be added to packages.

Reporting (Preview)

Respond quickly to any issue by utilizing continuous and proactive monitoring of the applications within your environment. The basic version of reporting is included with every Liquit Workspace license and can be activated within Liquit Workspace, up to three months of data will be preserved when this feature is activated.

Delta Synchronization for Azure AD

Only changes between the last time Liquit Workspace synchronized the users and groups from Azure AD are synchronized, which significantly improves performance for Azure AD.

Direct Access for Azure Blob Storage

When using the Azure Blob storage to store all uploaded content within Liquit Workspace, it’s now possible to activate the new Direct Access feature that allows all agents and web clients to access content directly from Azure Blob Storage, so content is not downloaded from the Liquit Workspace servers.

Other notable changes

  • Following events have been added that allows you to start packages:
    • Windows Logon
    • Windows Logout
    • Device Shutdown
  • Internal notes field has been added to packages.
  • Changes to storage settings can now be applied from the management interface, without needing to restart servers for the changes to take effect.
  • All devices group has been added, allowing you to easily target all devices.
  • Tray icon can now be disabled within the Agent.xml.
  • Wait for input option on “Prompt User” action, allows non-blocking informative messages.
  • Override default “Liquit” Start Menu folder within the Agent.xml.
  • Only show Liquit Login screen (when launcher is disabled) when user can not automatically sign in.

Liquit Setup Commander

  • Added an option to create install bundles for MSIX packages (ZENworks connector)
  • Added an option to open a selected MSIX package in Advanced Installer
  • Added an option to open a selected MSIX package in AdminStudio MSIX Editor
  • Added an option to repackage to MSIX to the Repackaging Wizard
  • Added validation for removing CRLF characters in Adobe MSP’s (all connectors)
  • Added support for Windows 10 ADK’s App-V Sequencer to the App-V Repackaging Wizard
  • Fixed an UI issue in the AdminStudio Repackaging Wizard
  • Updated exception handling for ZENworks 2020 (ZENworks connector)
  • Updated setup detection logic
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