Liquit Workspace

We are proud to release our new update to Liquit Workspace.

Below is a short list of the most important new features.

The downloads are available at the downloads page.

We keep innovating to help you to keep responding to changing business requirements, enhancing user productivity, and staying ahead of the competition.
We want to make sure that you get the most out of your investment in Liquit. Over the past few months, we have released some important, new features; Are you taking advantage of them yet? These are some of the major features you do not want to miss:

UI Refresh

The user interface has been updated to create a more consistent workflow, the Liquit Workspace now ships with three themes; the default theme, a classic theme and a dark theme. Other notable changes are:

  • Multiple fields support Markdown through a WYSIWYG editor
  • All grids support search, refresh (where applicable) and export
  • Application catalog information can be directly edited from a catalog item


It is now possible to assign several icons to a package, which allows for scenario’s where one package is requested from the catalog, while serving several application. For example; Microsoft Office requested from the catalog installs multiple applications allows you to start those individually. This functionality is also available for applications gathered from the Liquit Setup Store.


Enhanced User Catalog

Packages are enriched with additional content which end-users can use to select the applications they need.

  • All catalog related fields have now been moved to the Catalog tab.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can now be added on a package.
  • Reviews can now be managed from the package management interface.
  • Pricing information is now shown to the end-user for a specific package, by using the existing License feature.
  • Media can now be added to packages.

Other notable changes


  • Open URL action will now by default use the current browser (including private mode)
  • Open URL can now force private mode for multiple browsers (agent required)
  • Action modify group membership supports Azure AD
  • A new “release overview” has been added to the package overview for DTAP information
  • Improved handling of action reboot
  • Unattended Deployment without User Session
  • Packages now supports multiple shortcuts
  • Package media now supports embedding Youtube video’s

Identity Sources

  • OAuth configuration for an Azure AD identity source can be done by only supplying a tenant ID
  • Azure AD identity source supports domain hint

Other changes

  • UserSID is available as a variable
  • On a credential it is now possible to see the dependencies
  • Global list of tasks has been added
  • Server specific list of tasks has been added
  • New scheduled tasks will not start when a server is in maintenance mode
  • Last logged in user have been added to the device overview
  • The Setup Store connector now supports multiple shortcuts
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