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    How to Get Started with the Liquit Digital Workspace

    The best way to experience the Liquit Digital Workspace is to try it for yourself.  You can use the links below to request a demonstration, lead by a Liquit Digital Workspace expert, or test the workspace at your own pace by having your own test account on our hosted environment.

    Complete the online form to request a demonstration, and we will get back to you to book a convenient date and time.

    Complete the online form to request your own demonstration account, allowing you to test drive Liquit in your own time, at your own pace.


    Download and read the latest case studies and white papers to find out more about how Liquit has helped other organizations deploy the digital workspace.

    Case Studies

    ZuidOostZorg has the latest technology

    ZuidOostZorg switched to a social intranet in 2018. A digital workplace for 2500 employees, with all required options and even more. Information manager Tjeerd van der Schaaf explains how the barely used work environment was replaced by an innovative platform with a special extra layer. “Healthcare is becoming increasingly demanding, so we have to do smart things that make work easier.”

    Together we win! No stress with Liquit

    DESTIL Prolians wanted to offer its employees a modern workspace. A workspace that would allow people to work when and where they chose, but with always the same user experience; easy to find and use, plus easy for IT to manage remotely. The choice was made: Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management  

    Getting ready for the future of work – Municipality of Eindhoven

    The municipality of Eindhoven is preparing their IT infrastructure for the future of work. They had already invested in hardware to support the transition, but what they really needed was a hybrid IT set-up with Microsoft 365 to maximize the use of this hardware while limiting the license costs for their users. In cooperation with partners IT Value and UBM Global, Liquit met these demands with a combination of Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management and is now used as their new workspace management solution.  


    A single Liquit management environment for five municipalities

    The municipalities of Veenendaal, Rhenen, Renswoude, Woudenberg and Scherpenzeel have a single shared service center for their ICT. They were looking for a solution similar to ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) in terms of user experience and application rollout. Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management meet these requirements and are now used as the overarching management environment for five Liquit working environments.


    One-stop-shop, the digital workspace for GGD regio Utrecht

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    In 2018, a tremendous amount changed at GGD regio Utrecht: new devices (including smartphones), the development of a new electronic patient record, Embrace as social intranet combined with Office365 and Liquit. In 2019, GGD regio Utrecht (GGDrU) will begin working on the programme ‘De basis op orde’ (Getting the basics right). Their aim is that employees will be able to work together anywhere, any time, so how can a digital workplace support them in this? 

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences takes the next step with Liquit Workspace

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    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences wants to implement its Choose-Your-Own-Device (CYOD) concept by using the latest hardware and software technology. Liquit Workspace proved the solution for offering the hundreds of applications used by the University. 


    MEE West-Brabant wins twice

    / / /

    MEE West-Brabant was using Citrix workplaces. Employees requested information updates via video and audio. They also asked for more flexibility to work anywhere and at any time. However, the existing solution couldn’t cope with this request. An internal investigation led to the conclusion that the infrastructure had to be hosted in the cloud. Partner Winvision introduced Liquit who was able to meet the MEE West-Brabant requirements.  

    Wartburg College


    Wartburg College operates in a manner relevant to the goals set by the government for educational institutes. The school wants the students to become valuable citizens in our society. Yet this is not the deepest reason for existence. That’s embedded in the attention that’s given to the training and equipping of our students from the Bible and the Confessions. The school has 500 employees and 4000 students spread across four locations in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Students who apply to the Wartburg College can follow ’praktijkonderwijs, vmbo, havo, atheneum or gymnasium’.

    Staring College


    Staring College is a public secondary school for ’ lwoo, vmbo, havo, atheneum-, gymnasium- and gymnasium+’ for all students regardless of race, ethnic origin , religion and sexual orientation. The Staring College offers students a stimulating environment to work on the development of their individual talents and abilities together. The purpose of the Staring College is to assist in the search for and prepare them for a suitable place in society. This is done by personal attention and commitment. A prerequisite for working on the students talents is a continuous connection of the school with the community. The Staring College has thereby an eye out for social developments and responds to that.


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