Liquit Workspace

We are proud to release our new update to Liquit Workspace.

Below is a short list of the most important new features.

The downloads are available at the downloads page.

Identity Provider (SAML 2)

The introduction of Identity Providers enables exchanging authentication and authorization data between security domains by Liquit Workspace. It is now possible to pass information between Liquit and a SAML service provider (SP) and to enable web-based authentication that include cross-domain SSO.
The following scenario’s and configurations are supported by Liquit Workspace:
  • Downloading Metadata
    You can also download the configured SAML metadata from the Liquit Workspace.
  • Assign Certificates from the Liquit Certificate Store
    Easily assign certificates to the Identity Provider and easily maintain these certificates in the Liquit Certificate Store.
  • Add Service providers
    Liquit Workspace allows you to easily add or import Service Providers, this can be done by importing the existing metadata from an existing Service Provider or creating a hand configured Service Provider.
  • Profiles
    Create custom profiles containing amongst others user information from Liquit Workspace.
  • Single Sign On and Sign Out
    Support single sign on and sign out over multiple browsers, over HTTP post and redirect.
  • Allows to override single sign out actions for service providers
    Define custom actions which override the default single sign out action of the service provider
  • Signing messages and validate incoming messages
  • Custom Profiles
    Supports custom profiles which allows you to send multiple attributes to a service provider

Identity providers require an additional license, for more information please


Certificates allow you to easily import and create certificates, you can either import a .pfx file or create you own self-signed certificate for use within the Liquit Workspace. You can replace or update a certificate with a single click.

  • Import CER/DER or PFX certificates
  • Generate self signed certificates
  • Export certificates in CER/DER/PFX format
  • In this version, only the SAML 2.0 Identity Provider will make use of this new functionality

Certificates require Identity Provider availability to function, for more information please contact:

System Updates

Check for the latest updates for your Liquit Workspace environment and (automatically) update your Liquit servers to the latest version. Updates can be scheduled to automatically check for the latest version and notify by mail when there are updates available.

There are 2 types of updates available for Liquit Workspace:

  • Quality: Minor updates that contain improvements to the stability and performance without introducing new features.
  • Feature: Major updates that contain new customer requested features and stability and performance improvements.

    Updates are released within 2 configurable channels:

  • Production; all updates that are available within this channel have been tested and verified for production environments.
  • Preview; updates will be published within the preview channel before they will come available within the production channel.

Installing an update allows you to select multiple servers at once, Liquit will always schedule an update 1 server at a time.
This ensures that in environments with multiple servers, that there are servers available during the update process for zero down time.
And with the “Place servers in maintenance” option before installing an update, allows load balancers to remove the server that is about to being updated so there is no user impact.

Additional features

Management Interface
Improved UI.
Web-browser back/forward support

Active version number (of snapshot) is now displayed in the catalog details screen.

Access Policies
Usage tab has been added, which shows where access policies are being used.
Global variables now have their own privileges

Scheduled Tasks
Monthly trigger schedule.
E-mail notifications can now be configured on builtin tasks

${FontsDir} path that points to the local font directory on the device.
${CmdLine} variable used to pass additional parameters to a package using shellapi.exe

Priority field on packages allows you to determine the execution order of event-triggered package actions
Support for success return codes on launch actions.
New “Run script” (Local or uploaded) actions that allows you to easily execute a script in the following languages: PowerShell, VBScript or Batch.
New “Repair package” action allows you to trigger a force re-install action on a package.
New “Install font” (Local or uploaded) actions that allows you to easily install fonts within the local windows directory.
New “Prompt message” action allows you to display information to the end user.
Added Created At and Modified At values to snapshot details.

Server names are now modifiable within the management interface.
Maintenance option is now available on Liquit servers, which will report a “down” state to load balancer when enabled while the server is still operational.

Extra column for zones that shows last login time.
Primary zone can now be configured, this zone is used for builtin Scheduled Tasks to use its mail servers

Support for passing parameters to programs using the shellapi.exe to launch a package.
Support for refreshing the launcher by using shellapi.exe.

“Device available” filter, allows you to check if the user is logged on a managed device (with agent).

Identity Sources

Federated URI’s supports now query parameters

Federated Logout URI supports now the variable ${slo.return.url} which will contain the url for reporting back the status of the logout action Logout


The logout process is replaced by a new version that has support for SAML and federated logout actions

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