Liquit Workspace

We are proud to announce the new update to Liquit Workspace.

Below is a short list of the most important new features.

This version will be available the April 26th.

Customizable username field in credential template

It is now possible to make the username field in credential templates customizable, this can come in handy when non-domain joined devices need access to a network share. The user will be prompted for a username and password, corresponding to the provided domain in the credential template. You can achieve this by using the variable “${Input.UserName}”.

This can give you an advantage in the following scenario’s:

  • A non-domain joined device needs access to a network drive within a domain.
  • Easily gain access to resources from a different domain.

Network Credentials for printers

The add printer action now supports credentials, this makes it possible for users whom are not yet logged in to the domain to still connect to a companies printer. In conjunction with the ${Input.UserName} variable it is also possible to provide access to non-domain joined machines and users when so desired.

Support for JumpCloud schema in LDAP

JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service® centralizes and simplifies identity management. Give your users one set of credentials to securely access their systems, apps, networks, and file servers – regardless of platform, protocol, provider, or location.

Liquit Workspace is now able to authenticate via JumpCloud.


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