Liquit Solution Overview

Liquit solution uniquely combines Workspace (management), IT Automation and Service Catalog in one role-based universal interface. Liquit enables any IT department to build a self-service Catalog to deliver all IT resources through one single portal on virtually any device. Easy repetitive IT tasks can be automated with Liquit to free up time from IT administrators, which will give them more time to focus on creating competitive advantages through IT. Employees will get one single point of access to all IT resources from any device.
Support for BYOD initiatives is easier than ever before. Employees can now access all IT resources from any device with a browser and Internet connection. The employees will love the Appstore experience that they know from their private life.

The Liquit solution is unmatched in the IT industry. Liquit can be used as a service from our cloud platform but, it can also be installed on premise.
It’s a cost effective, easy to install solution to build an Enterprise IT Catalog (Store).
Liquit offers the following 3 functional areas: