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Carante Groep was looking for a new way to manage their workspace and to provide their users with the applications necessary to work. Liquit was the solution. Simplicity, one ‘golden’ image and a user-friendly interface save both time and money for the Carante Groep. Liquit is now the workspace management solution for the Carante Groep.

Managing the workspace

Carante Groep employees predominantly use VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) workstations. Leon Urbanus, Assistant Head IT Carante Groep: “These workstations were managed using Microfocus ZENworks, but this workspace management solution was outdated and no longer sufficed. We started off looking for alternatives for ZENworks: AppSense and RES Software. In November and December of 2015 we conducted a pilot. Six people from the IT department and about twenty employees from the Carante Groep were involved.”

Liquit makes workspace management and service catalogues software for companies. It provides ample support for VDI, a fresh new user interface – The Liquit Workspace – and a small agent taking up only 1 MB. Liquit provides IT departments with life cycle management services and acts as a one-stop shop for end users. It is the central place for IT services and saves time, consolidates and simplifies access to company resources and helps to reduce the number of calls received by the helpdesk significantly.

In January 2016, Carante Groep started the implementation. During that year, the Liquit solution has been distributed to ASVZ, SIG, De Waerden, Boogh, Zorgcentra De Betuwe, Maeykeheim, Zorgspectrum and Tragelzorg.

  • “We chose for Liquit for its simplicity, its quick management and for the freedom it provides to users working in the Liquit workspace.”

    Leon Urbanus
    Hoofd ICT Carante Groep

The advantages of Liquit in practice

By now the Carante Groep uses Liquit for application management, support and remote control, for management of several thin laptops and for providing HTML 5 digital workstations. By using Liquit, the Carante Groep reduced the amount of images that had to be managed from 20 to just 1 golden image.
“With Liquit we can specify who sees which application in the workspace. This means we only have to manage the ‘golden’ image; personalization of all other images is carried out by Liquit. This saves us a lot of time! Our users and employees are able to intuitively interact very quickly with the Liquit workspace; on each workstation, their thin client, thin laptop or home workstation, they experience the same user interface enabling them to quickly access their applications.”

“We had a fast return on investment with Liquit. There are a few reasons for that. Management costs are much lower, since we only have to manage one golden image. Additionally, we now have the same management tool for every type of device. Logging in to Liquit is much faster. Liquit also helps us to save costs on storage: the ZENworks agents has a size of 600 MB, Liquit’s agent is only 1 MB. Considering we had 6.000 workstations, that was a huge difference.
Aside from that, ZENworks had a higher pricing.”

The future for Carante Groep and Liquit

This year, a pilot will start with a few of Reinaerde’s clients with mental disabilities. The Liquit workspace is simple, user-friendly and very intuitive. The solution is also browser-based, making it accessible from every device (including devices owned by clients themselves).
This means there is very little preventing these clients from getting access to their applications.

Carante Groep is currently testing the Liquit Plugin for Sharepoint. Urbanus: “We are beta testers for new Liquit versions and we provide feedback about these tests.
Within Carante there is a very large group of Sharepoint users for whom Liquit can be presented as ’embedded’ and ‘Single Sign-On’. If the pilot works is successful we will definitely consider offering the Liquit workspace in this manner as well

Carante Groep

Carante Groep is a collaboration of 13 independent organizations in the Healthcare sector. The collaborating institutes, totaling 19.000 employees, offer custom care, guidance and support to more than 20.000 clients. The following institutions are part of the Carante Groep: ASVZ, Amerpoort, Reinaerde, Elver, Triade, Boogh, Zorgcentra De Betuwe, Maeykehiem, De Waerden, Coloriet, SIG, Zorgspectrum and Tragelzorg.
Each institution has dozens of branches and employees often travel between the various locations. It is important that employees can access their applications anytime, anywhere.