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Configuration Wizards As A Service

Liquit Release & Patch Management supports every vendor MSI:

• By using our ‘as a service’ infrastructure we either provide you an already available Configuration Wizard for vendor MSI’s of vendors like Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Ivanti and VMware
• For those vendors MSI we don’t have a Configuration Wizard for, Liquit Setup Commander will auto-generate a Configuration Wizard for you instantaneously
• Our Configuration Wizards provide you options to ‘Remove all Desktop and/ or Start Menu shortcuts, to ‘Suppress’ Reboots’, to Disable auto-update mechanisms, to include Licensing Information, to include Database Settings and to configure many other most typical deployment options
• Configuration options are stored in a transform file (MST) for the selected MSI.
• An auto-generated Configuration Wizard is based on ‘best practices’ and can optionally be sent to our support team for further analysis, to be enhanced and for publishing purposes
• After a Configuration Wizard has been auto-generated, it’s available immediately to transform the selected MSI
• If you like to review the current list of Configuration Wizards, please start the ‘Configuration Wizard Manager’ from within Liquit Setup Commander