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DESTIL Prolians

DESTIL Prolians

DESTIL Prolians wanted to offer its employees a modern workspace. A workspace that would allow people to work when and where they chose, but with always the same user experience; easy to find and use, plus easy for IT to manage remotely. The choice was made: Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management  

DESTIL Prolians is a wholesaler for construction and industry with 50 locations all over the Netherlands and with more than 100.000 items in stockIn recent years, the company has developed into the most complete supplier around. Not only in terms of assortment, but also in terms of supply concepts, the company is at the forefront. The fully automatic warehouse gives them the ability to deliver quickly and efficiently – throughout the Netherlands 

The 50 physical points of sale offer a wide range for the customer who prefers to pick up. Over the past years, DESTIL has developed a strength in distribution into a specialist in the field of fulfillment for webshops. Among DESTIL’s customers are nationally operating contractors, regional contactors, subcontractors, self-employed workers, carpenters, interior builders, building material traders, B2B-webshops and B2Cwebshops. 

Improved collaboration and uniformity in work

DESTIL Prolians is an innovative company that recognized the benefits of a modern workspace early on and wanted to facilitate it. The modern workspace is based on collaboration whereby the user is at the center. Employees work together wherever and wheneverDESTIL Prolians facilitates that by offering devices and programs that are needed to do the jobAccording to DESTIL, the modern workspace consists of a central dashboard, a workspace with all the tools that are reachable from every device and look the same everywhere. Harold Brants, ICTTeam Coordinator at DESTIL Prolians: We reached out to our implementation and IT partner KNNS that we were interested in a workspace. Characteristics of this had to be simple and easy to approach, suitable for people who have little affinity with IT.”

One portal for all flavors

We started with the underlying infrastructure consisting of Microsoft Azure with Office 365. During a demonstration, Synigo Pulse was used where the local applications could be made available in a simple way when integrated with Liquit Workspace. KNNS has facilitated the workspace we currently have, a combination of Microsoft Autopilot, Intune and Synigo Pulse with Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management.” KNNS has been trained on Liquit Release & Patch Management, so that they can unburden DESTIL Prolians completely in turns of IT infrastructure. “They can easily add or change programs in our standard range of Liquit releases. So, we don’t have to grant rights for every individual pc, Liquit takes that worry off your hands.” 

Applications and services that employees need are provided in the form of smart icons available from a central dashboard. These smart icons give access to applications like Mail, Word, Excel, Teams and SharePoint. By implementing Liquit Workspace and Liquit Release & Patch Management any other application (or service) can be added creating a single portal to all applications; from the CRM system to our own web shop. 

“Liquit is flexible, fast and scalable. Liquit makes it easy to commission new devices and keep applications up to date. KNNS manages the environment and is trained in Liquit Release and Patch Management, making it possible for the IT within the company to remain maintained and updated remotely. It is not necessary to come back to the office to have the physical device updated which is a huge benefit,” Harold continues. “To ensure that this workspace meets our expectations, we initially started with about 20 employees. They were immediately able to work within the new environment. Response was positive, especially because of the intuitive web page where they can select the programs they need with just a click. The new method of working caught on immediately; our end-users are not interested in the technical complexity in the backend. They just want to their jobTo guarantee that, we have made Liquit available for the entire organization.” 

No stress because of Liquit

DESTIL Prolians has been working with Liquit for a year and a half. And that works well. Harold: “Liquit has enormous added value for us. We cannot do without it anymore. We can easily create smart icons remotely. If software must be adapted, this can be done without needing physical access to the approximately 350 physical PCS and laptops. This saves a lot of time, and therefore money. Liquit saves hours of our staffs time, we also don’t have to hire people to get the work done by, like it happened in the pre-Liquit era. KNNS provides remote management for us via Liquit. This way the Liquit license pays for itself.

 For our employees, Liquit removes the stress in choice of software. Everybody knows how to access an internet page. On our webpages, our employees can find the tiles with the desired contentVery easy to use, even for the older generation. Our credo Winning we do together certainly applies in this context!”