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Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) wants to contribute to a sustainable knowledge-based society in which man is the starting point. Where students and staff can develop themselves, feel at home and dare to experiment and innovate in cooperation with the schools relations. HU offers students and staff opportunities to reach their full potential in education and work, in a way they can bring their abilities into practice in the best possible way. The school creates high-quality professionals and also supports to the innovation of professional practice, through entrepreneurship and knowledge-development.


HU uses Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager for the provisioning and management of Windows 7 on all Windows workstations. Setup Commander is periodically used to create ’Applications’ in System Center for the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player, Firefox, Java, but also complex ’Applications’ like VMware Professional and Autodesk DWG TrueView. For packaging, Setup Commander is preferably used.


Dirk-Jan Noorbergen from Hogeschool Utrecht: “I like the fact that you can purchase Setup Commander through SURFmarket. Packaging applications with many updates, such as Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Firefox or Java Runtime Environment is very easy because the tool automates the steps. We use the tool a lot. It enables us to download apps in minutes, package them, and put them in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012. With Setup Commander we can act very quickly, e.g. when a leak is found in Adobe Flash Player. The installation and configuration of Setup Commander is easy. Every company, educational, government or commercial should have this application, I have done a few tests in my environment, it works fast.”