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Koning Willem II College

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Simple workspace management
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Only one golden image
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Liquit Setup Commander

Koning Willem II College is a public school for ’gymnasium, atheneum, havo and vmbo-tl’. The school also has a three-year course music/sport for pupils with special talents and we have a ’LOOT’ status since 2009. The school was founded in 1866 and may call itself ’Royal’ since 1948. From 1866 to 1934, the school was housed in the palace of King William II in the city, from 1934 to 1971 in a building on the ’Ringbaan Oost’ and since 1971 at the ’Tatraweg’.


The software to create and manage the Windows 7 base images is ENGL combined with VMware. We use Zenworks Configuration Management to manage al workstations in the educational network. We use Setup Commander for ZENworks to manage all applications. Installation as well as updates, because of the ease of use the application offers. Only a few clicks for a new installation of for example Java, VLC Player, Acrobat Reader and many more standard applications. But for complex applications that require different settings, you can also make a bundle.


“In the past, all applications were installed locally and updating many standard applications was quite a challenge. After all, you first had to update all applications, or delete the old version and then install the new version. Since we have Setup Commander, that all has changed. Here at Koning Willem II College we use Setup Commander for ZENworks for several years now and are extremely satisfied. Particularly the ease of use with the provisioning of new default applications as well as – almost – all other applications. This in conjunction with ENGL is a joy, but also the updating is just a matter of a few clicks.”