Customer Success Story:

MEE West-Brabant

More functionality and lower costs with Liquit Workspace

MEE West-Brabant was using Citrix workplaces. Employees requested information updates via video and audio. They also asked for more flexibility to work anywhere and at any time. However, the existing solution couldn’t cope with this request. An internal investigation led to the conclusion that the infrastructure had to be hosted in the cloud. Partner Winvision introduced Liquit who was able to meet the MEE West-Brabant requirements.  

MEE West-Brabant is your partner!

MEE West-Brabant is the knowledge partner providing advice or support to people that live with a disability. Think of working, living, family and relations and financial matters. MEE West-Brabant uses this knowledge for organizations that want to work with people that have a distance from the professional market. Work is important when you want to participate in society. This expertise is shared with professionals within the social area, education and other organizations by means of an accredited training offer. 

A better infrastructure with more flexibility

In the Netherlands there are 20 regional MEE organizations that are member of the cooperative association MEE NL. The regional MEE organizations work with 1600 MEE client supporters (consultants) together with regional partners to stimulate access for everyone locally. MEE NL is doing the same thing on a national level.  

The senior system manager at MEE West-Brabant: “Approximately 400 employees use our IT infrastructure. Next to that we are the shared service center for the Meent Groep. This brings our total user group to 900. We had Citrix workplaces. Multimedia files caused problems whilst this format was preferred amongst our employees.”

After an internal investigation, MEE management decided to move the IT environment to the cloud to obtain a better infrastructure with more possibilities. Via the Liquit portal employees can access old and new applications with just one click. The IT department can easily offer extra applications on the back-end. The number of workspaces can be scaled, which is an advantage because the number of employees fluctuates. MEE West-Brabant has a small IT team and a relatively low budget. They were looking for a flexible, user friendly and easy to manage cloud solution. MEE West-Brabant asked Winvision for their professional and honest advice.

Winvision and Liquit

May 20th Winvision and Liquit announced an intensive partnership in the workspace area. Liquit can offer all sorts of applications, local and virtualized, in the modern workspace. The digital working environment serves intelligent icons that let you open applications with one mouse click. Liquit also takes care of the connection with resources nearby, such as printers. Winvision is the innovative ICT partner that offers added value to customers, with a strong focus on Healthcare. For this market segment especially, Winvison has developed an Online Digital Worplace based on Liquit, Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online.

Customized to our wishes

After comparing some solutions including Microsoft, Awingu and Citrix, MEE chose Liquit Workspace as a Service out of the Liquit Cloud and Liquit Release & Patch Management. The system manager: “Liquit Workspace offers a flexible workspace, that adapts to our needs and that we can use for the scenarios we wish. Because it is a software-as-a-service solution from the Liquit Cloud, this workspace offers high availability for less costs than the RES Workspace workplaces we had.”

MEE West-Brabant tested Liquit Workspace in a part of the organization. The results of this pilot were positive, in no time the employees were used to the new solution. Liquit made some changes on request. “Winvision was involved in the Proof of Concept, the final implementation of the production environment has been done by our own team. The Liquit solution is really easy to set-up.”


Compared to the RES Workspace solution Liquit is 9 times less expensive. The workplaces didn’t need a huge investment upfront and the difference in price is obvious. “Users can approach their multimedia files without any trouble, the Liquit portal gives them an easy, anywhere-anytime access. Our IT team discloses services and distributes software via the portal. No need for our employees to come to us in person, with their computer, to get some program installed. Now they just need to click in the portal. Winvision advised us to implement the complete Liquit solution and we didn’t regret this solution for one second.  

Another example is the fast response time. If we address a point of improvement, it’s very often solved within a week and implemented by a new release. When we have ideas about more important changes or additional functionalities, we address these and get contacted. Very often we see our ideas reflected in the next new version update. Liquit works with the scrum / agile method and that shows! The company is really quick and good in responding.”