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Municipality of Brunssum

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The municipality of Brunssum is a municipality of 29.000 inhabitants located in the south of Limburg. The official organization consists of 260 employees and is on the verge of a merger with the official organization of the neighboring municipality Landgraaf. Working flexible and digital are priorities that have a major impact on the ICT. Files are only available digitally and staff are encouraged to work from their home.


The municipality of Brunssum has about 280 physical and 50 virtual desktops. Most of them are Windows XP workstations which are managed by ZENworks for Desktops 7. Migration to Windows 7, which was dependent on migrations of the document information system and office suite, is in full swing. The Windows 7 workstations are managed by ZENworks Configuration Management. The server environment consists of a mix of Novell Open Enterprise Server, Microsoft Windows Server and HP Unix database servers.


“With the implementation of Windows 7, Setup Commander for ZENworks proved to be a valuable tool. Of course for making Zenworks bundles, but we’ve also looked at the way how bundles are made in Setup Commander for ZENworks. This knowledge has been used in creating other bundles which are not available in Setup Commander for ZENworks. The applications that frequent update, like Java, Adobe Flash Player, Acrobat Reader and Mozilla Firefox only need to be downloaded in Setup Commander Setup Store. The updates are handed on a silver platter, so you do not have to gather that information from from many other sources.“