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ROC Friese Poort

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ROC Friese Poort is an educational center for learning, living and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Personal attention on a small scale and strong regional ties are important features. Young people and adults are prepared for the job market and society. Starting points are the students initial level, ambition and talent. With our Christian background we provide modern education and training. Key concepts are therefore ‘personal’ and ‘promising’. Our motto is: ‘Together we can go further’.


ROC Friese Poort Sneek has 750 Windows 7 workstations for 2800 students. All these workstations are imaged using ENGL Imaging Toolkit 9.


“We package the vast majority of the applications ourselves. Therefore, it is very convenient that with a tool like Setup Commander for ZENworks this is already done for us for most standard applications and even for a lot of the other applications. Also making a bundle goes a lot faster than if we would have to do it ourselves.
The speed at which the available bundles in Setup Commander for ZENworks are updated, is remarkable. We are also happy with the speed at which our feedback is incorporated in newer versions of the product. We are pleased with the Setup Commander. It saves time, there is less chance of error and we are always up-to-date. “