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RSG Magister Alvinus accompanies each student so that he or she has the knowledge, skills and attitude to develop themselves in further education, work and personal success. Developing talents, both for students and employees is key. Every student and employee can get the most out of themselves. RSG wants to challenge students with diverse and high-quality education, thus encouraging each student to perform optimal and develop their talents. RSG forms a community with a professional culture, where students and staff take responsibility for the quality of its performance, and commit to the values of our school.


We manage our Windows 7 workstations with ZENworks Configuration Management. We build these workstations using ENGL Imaging Toolkit. During this process a great amount of Windows bundles are installed on the PCs. These bundles are made using Setup Commander for ZENworks. These are applications such as Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave, GroupWise and Silverlight. After the full install a few applications are installed on first use, depending on the location of the PC.


“Using Setup Commander for ZENworks saves us a lot of work. It facilitates our version-management. In a major release of a product often settings or parameters change. The Setup Commander Team always deploys a new version very fast, so as an administrator you can provision new versions of applications to the workstations soon after the release. Another plus is customer support. They are very active on social media and send out a weekly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on deployment and Setup Commander related topics. If you still encounter problems and you have a question, you always get a suitable answer very quickly.”