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Staring College

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Staring College is a public secondary school for ’ lwoo, vmbo, havo, atheneum-, gymnasium- and gymnasium+’ for all students regardless of race, ethnic origin , religion and sexual orientation. The Staring College offers students a stimulating environment to work on the development of their individual talents and abilities together. The purpose of the Staring College is to assist in the search for and prepare them for a suitable place in society. This is done by personal attention and commitment. A prerequisite for working on the students talents is a continuous connection of the school with the community. The Staring College has thereby an eye out for social developments and responds to that.


We use ZENworks Configuration Management to manage more than 650 PCs spread across three locations within a Novell environment. Using ZENworks Control Center, we can provide our PCs with a base Windows 7 image and apply Windows and printerpolicies. We also manage more than 250 software bundles. Made with ZENworks Application Virtualization when possible (exam software from ’CITO’, Sketchup and Picasa, old versions of Office and CDs for arts-classes). In addition there are many MSI bundles available (Chrome, Java, Flash, Shockwave, Air, Silverlight etc.) ZENWorks combined with Setup Commander for ZENworks is indispensable for us.


“We’ve been using Setup Commander for ZENworks for almost five years now and it took some time to recognize its value. Especially now since we can purchase the software via ’SLBdiensten’, it has also become very attractive price-wise. On the question: ”Can we have Google Chrome on every PC in the near future”, I could say with certainty ”Yes, that will be ready tomorrow”. Thanks Setup Commander!”