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Wartburg College

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Wartburg College operates in a manner relevant to the goals set by the government for educational institutes. The school wants the students to become valuable citizens in our society. Yet this is not the deepest reason for existence. That’s embedded in the attention that’s given to the training and equipping of our students from the Bible and the Confessions. The school has 500 employees and 4000 students spread across four locations in Rotterdam and Dordrecht. Students who apply to the Wartburg College can follow ’praktijkonderwijs, vmbo, havo, atheneum or gymnasium’.


The Wartburg College offers applications (bundles) to the Windows 7 workstations using ZENworks Configuration Management. To create these bundles we use Setup Commander for ZENworks. For imaging, we use the ENGL Imaging Toolkit. The basic applications that are always available in our image (Adobe, Java, Silverlight, etc.) are also made with Setup Commander for ZENworks. To offer certain applications virtual, we also use ZENworks Application Virtualization.


“As a long time user, we are very pleased with Setup Commander for ZENworks. Automatically creating bundles saves us a lot of time. With the Configuration Wizard associated with the selected application, it’s very easy to change a setting by ticking a checkmark (eg automatic updates on of off). It’s no longer necessary to sort these settings out for yourself. The Setup Store within Setup Commander is very convenient. For each vendor the applications you want can be downloaded instantly and are always up-to-date! If you have an application that is not listed, no problem: just do a Submit for Analysis. You get very fast feedback. The support is perfect. Setup Commander is a powerful tool that takes a lot of work off your hands and innovates constantly.“