Liquit Release & Patch Management

Verhoek Europe renews datacenter and workspace with Liquit

Verhoek Europe wanted a future-proof infrastructure, standardized, and centralized with workplace independence for all employees. A group of employees were testing Liquit when Covid-19 changed the world in March 2020. By accelerating the rollout of the platform, Verhoek Europe employees were able to efficiently do their work from home as if they were in the […]

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences takes the next step with Liquit Workspace

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Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences wants to implement its Choose-Your-Own-Device (CYOD) concept by using the latest hardware and software technology. Liquit Workspace proved the solution for offering the hundreds of applications used by the University. 

MEE West-Brabant wins twice

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MEE West-Brabant was using Citrix workplaces. Employees requested information updates via video and audio. They also asked for more flexibility to work anywhere and at any time. However, the existing solution couldn’t cope with this request. An internal investigation led to the conclusion that the infrastructure had to be hosted in the cloud. Partner Winvision […]