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What is Liquit Workspace ?

The Liquit Workspace takes the next generation of Unified or Aggregated Workspaces to the next level. It brings together private, public, and personal cloud environments, presenting them to an end user in a single, unified, customizable, web-based workspace, removing complexity and enhancing the end user experience.

If you are an end user, you will be presented with the familiar look and feel of a consumer-style catalog, presenting you with the applications you need to be productive, regardless of the end point device you are using.

For the IT department this may sound like putting the end users in control, however, with Liquit you need not worry.  Applications are delivered on a contextual basis, meaning they are delivered based on policy, policy that is set and managed by IT.

Those time consuming tasks of onboarding new users and delivering their applications is all taken care of with the integrated Liquit Workspace Automation features, allowing delivery at scale, freeing up IT to concentrate on the more strategic projects.

Liquit Workspace;

The Digital Workspace where Consumer Experience meets Corporate Management

How Does it Work?

The easiest way to show the power of the Liquit Workspace is to see it in action….

…. Or better than that, contact Liquit today and experience the Liquit Workspace for yourself, with a live demonstration, or have access to our hosted environment.

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