Cloud & and Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Liquit Digital Workspace solutions are Cloud Ready, and can be installed either on-premises, on local servers in you own datacentre, hosted on the cloud platform of your choice, or deployed using a hybrid approach, giving you the best of both worlds.

Moving users to a cloud-based workspace is easier said than done. You need to ensure that it supports all of the legacy applications within your environment, as well as being able to seamlessly transition your users without interruption or downtime.

With the Liquit Digital Workspace deployed to the end users within your environment, migration of the backend systems and infrastructure is simple. End users continue to log in to their workspace and launch their applications regardless of where the workspace is being delivered from. Taking this approach enables Liquit to deliver an ‘always-on’ digital workspace, embracing the cloud.

Many IT departments today act as service providers in their own right, responsible for delivering IT services back to the business. This is particularly true within Public Sector organizations such as Government, Local Government and healthcare where the IT function is abstracted from within the individual organizations, centralized, and then tasked with delivering cost-effective services back into each individual organization.

The cloud ready Liquit Digital Workspace is an enabler for shared services organizations to build their own cloud environments, either on-premises or in a public cloud, to deliver applications and services to end users, all from a single point of management and administration.