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Liquit Access Manager

On average, organizations deploy between a 100 and 500 different applications. Employees use only 25 of these applications on a regular basis. Logging onto all these different applications can be quite a hassle and opposes everything Liquit believes in when it comes to empowering employees in their digital landscape.

Single sign-on (SSO) solutions help address these challenges and offer clear benefits when it comes to productivity and user experience. Users can access all their applications from one location, with a single set of credentials. Liquit Access Manager is a fully integrated SSO solution that can be added onto Liquit Workspace. With Liquit Access Manager, organizations in all industries with complex IT environments and a large number of SaaS-applications, can easily manage their accounts in a cost-effective way.

Liquit Access Manager contains a SAML 2.0 Identity Provider and a OAuth 2 / OpenID Connect authorization server that helps control SSO to many websites and web applications. When combined with Liquit Workspace, employees can use their login credentials for different applications. They can also choose between different browsers, depending on their own preference, thus enhancing their user experience. All they need to do is log in once. Additional security is added by using context awareness, to check where the user is based and adjusting access to apps accordingly.

Liquit Access Manager can be deployed in different ways and integrates with many solutions, like Citrix Storefront. It can also be used in combination with external social intranet portals.

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    Integrating Citrix StoreFront with Liquit Access Manager