Liquit Release & Patch Management

All IT teams need to configure, deploy and patch applications within their organization, regardless of the deployment system they use. When done manually, this is not only a time-consuming task, but also poses compliance risks when deadlines aren’t met.

To streamline this process, companies look for solutions that optimize the efficiency of the process, lower risks and eliminate mistakes. With Liquit Release & Patch Management, all these demands are met (and even exceeded). This all-in-one solution integrates seamlessly into your existing Liquit Workspace environment and can also be used with third-party application delivery platforms such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, Intune, WVD, Ivanti Endpoint Manager or ZENworks.

Release & Patch Management is comprised of three different solutions:

The Liquit Setup Store has more than 3,000 third-party applications and patches. Natively integrated within Liquit Workspace, you’re able to select, install and patch applications. 

The Liquit Setup Store Notification System provides daily updates like release notes, patch updates and CVE information for all applications installed from the Liquit Setup Store. These notifications keep you up to date on everything you need to know about your applications, like which applications need to be patched within your Digital Workspace or alternative application delivery platform. This can be done automatically or using our DTAP features.

Liquit Setup Commander is part of Liquit Release & Patch Management as an add-on. It enables you to prepare your own in-house applications for deployment, when they can’t be provided through the Liquit Setup Store. By using either one of the connectors for Liquit Workspace, Micro Focus ZENworks, Ivanti EPM, WVD and Microsoft Configuration Manager, you’re always able to choose your preferred delivery platform.

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