Liquit Workspace

The Workspace will be the first thing an end user will see and interact with, so it needs to be simple to use, and clean and crisp in appearance.  It also needs to have that familiar look and feel, using icons and menu options that are instantly recognizable, regardless of the device the end user happens to be using at the time.  

Liquit Workspace provides end users with a clean and simple view of all their applications.  Application icons are displayed via a customizable web portal that allows a user to create their own look and feel, as well as removing the complexity around the delivery method of the application.

Liquit is Gartner Cool Vendor 2018

Key Features

Liquit enables the delivery of a users workspace independent of the type of end point device they are using, or where they are working from.

Deliver applications to the Liquit Digital Workspace, whether SaaS-based, published, or installed on the end users local device.

Remove the complexity behind delivering the right application, on the right device, for the right user. Just deliver the familiar application icon regardless of the delivery mechanism.

Deliver the best user experience possible, with a single web-based portal, accessible on any device, that intelligently delivers functionality, content, and resources to the end users.

Deliver a personal end user experience to end users by defining what, when, and how their Digital Workspace is delivered, based on job role, end-point device, or location.

Share the Digital Workspace between team members, allowing users to invite other users to share content and resources to aid end user productivity and collaboration.

Liquit Workspace;

The Digital Workspace where Consumer Experience meets Corporate Management

Why Choose Liquit Workspace?

In a recent Gartner report, entitled “Moving Beyond EMM to Unified Workspaces and the Contextual Fabric”, Gartner have adopted the terminology Unified Workspace and Aggregated Workspace to describe the next generation of how to deliver the end user experience, by reducing complexity, and increasing productivity for both end users and IT departments alike.

Liquit Workspace not only delivers on this Gartner vision today, but takes Unified or Aggregated Workspaces to the next level, bringing together private, public, and personal cloud environments, and presenting them to the end users in a single unified workspace regardless of device, or location.  Liquit Digital Workspace delivers:

  • Delivering the Workspace of the future: Allows end users to launch their applications from a single web-based portal, giving them the same user experience regardless of the end point device.
  • Consumer-Style application catalog: Users can request access to new applications, and can also customize the catalog giving them their own personalized user experience.
  • Automating End User Delivery: Workspace delivery becomes an automated process, allowing delivery at scale, and based on user policies to deliver the appropriate workspace experience.
  • Release & Patch Management: Automatic update of existing Workspace applications.

Liquit Benefits for …

Deliver a consumer-style working environment, with enterprise levels of security.

Centralized management and removal of time consuming complexity.

The ultimate freedom for the end user. Any app, any device, any location.

By industry sector ...

Enhance student learning experience by extending beyond the classroom.

Enhance student learning experience by extending beyond the classroom.

Reduce cost and complexity in delivering shared services.