Delivering the Workspace of the future Aggregate end users applications into a single web-based portal,
delivering the same user experience regardless of the end point device.
Consumer-Style application catalog Request access to new applications, and customize the catalog view
for that personalized user experience, giving users the experience they expect.
Automating the delivery of the user experience. Removing the time consuming onboarding process with an automated process,
allowing delivery at scale, deliver the right workspace experience.
Setup and Patch Management of Applications. Automatically update existing Workspace applications.
Cloud & and Hybrid Cloud Deployment Liquit Digital Workspace solutions are Cloud Ready, and can be installed either on-premises,
on local servers in you own datacentre, hosted on the cloud platform of your choice,
or deployed using a hybrid approach, giving you the best of both worlds.
Request your demo today Liquit solution uniquely combines Workspace (management), IT Automation and Service Catalog in one role-based universal interface. Request your demo today Carante Groep chooses Liquit "We chose for Liquit for its simplicity, its quick management and for the freedom it provides to users working in the Liquit workspace."
— Leon Urbanus
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Automation & Management

The goal of any Digital Workspace solution is to enhance the overall end user experience. Bit it doesn’t just stop at delivering the single portal from which an end user logs in to. At the end of the day the IT teams are also end users, it’s just that their daily role involves managing users and IT systems instead.

For the IT teams they need a solution that is easy to update and keep current, providing end users users the latest applications and services they need to stay productive, and also one step ahead of their competition.

Liquit integrates a number of advanced automation and management features to ensure that the workspace is always up to date with the latest applications. On boarding new users couldn’t be simpler with the ability to deliver pre-populated workspaces to end users based on policy and their job role within an organization. Further still, these tasks can even be scheduled so as not to impact the end users during their working day.

Release & Patch Management

Keeping applications up to date and patched in order to fix security vulnerabilities can be a very time consuming but very important task, especially given that a workspace could be deployed to hundreds and thousands of end users.

Zero-Touch Imaging

On boarding new end users is often a manual process for the IT teams, with different software images for different end users, different departments, and even different types of end point devices.

SharePoint Integration

If, like many other organizations, you are using other HTML-based portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams, then the ability to integrate your Digital Workspace into these existing portals is important for the overall end user experience.

Automated Tasks

Free up the that valuable time that your IT teams spend on those daily, but repetitive time consuming tasks, by automating and scheduling them, enabling them to focus on more strategic, business led IT projects that will really add value to your organization.

Release & Patch Management

Setting up applications for the very first time is a very time consuming task. Depending on the application you may need to find the correct download URL, the installation media, what parameters to set, application best practices, and much more. All of which can take up a significant amount of the IT teams time.

With Liquit, you can now complete this task with just a few mouse clicks.

But that’s only half of the story. Once the initial installation of applications has been completed, and rolled out to devices and end users within the organization, how do you update and patch them? It is critical to patch your applications before the vulnerabilities in older versions are exploited. Constantly patching and updating your applications is a task you can ill afford to delay.

With Liquit Release & Patch Management this task has been simplified and has never been easier, with the integration of ROVABU Software. The IT team can setup and patch almost every application directly from the Liquit Workspace management console. Over 2000 applications are available within the Liquit Setup Store, allowing IT to easily select and add the intelligence to how these applications should be updated and delivered.

To make the process even simpler, when new application updates become available, the IT team can automate the update process of any existing applications within the organization, whether they are presented in the workspace are physically installed on end point devices.

Zero-Touch Imaging

Onboarding new users is one of those tasks that consumes a lot of time. From having to build a physical device, install and configure the operating system image, and that’s before you actually start to install the applications.

With the Liquit Digital Workspace this is no longer a painful and time consuming task. For the end users, simply give them the URL to their Liquit Workspace, and away they go. They don’t even need to wait for the corporate end point device to be ready, they can simply use any device they choose. Even easier if your organization has already adopted a BYOD policy. Applications and services will be delivered instantly to the end users workspace, and in some cases the application will even be installed on the end point device!

For the IT department, the delivery of the Workspace applications can be automated, and at scale too. By defining Liquit Workspace Collections, the IT department can effectively design and deliver an end users Workspace containing everything they need, even dynamically, based on contextual filters that define how applications are delivered and installed. Ideal if you want to deliver a Workspace based on an end users group membership, or maybe based on a particular operating system version for example.

SharePoint Integration

Like many other organizations, maybe you have already deployed a portal-like solution such as, and users are already familiar with using this to access their content.

The Liquit Digital Workspace embraces these existing solutions and can be easily integrated into existing portals such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and to any other HTML portal that may already be in use. This is a unique feature that enriches the portal and creates a true single point of access for the users

Automated Tasks

A workspace solution is designed to enhance the end user experience, but you also have to remember that, at the end of the day, the people in the IT Team are also end users, it’s just they have a different job role to perform. That means that any workspace solution that is deployed within an organization also needs to deliver simplicity for the IT Team to manage the end user environment. This is where Liquit Workspace Automation comes into play.

Automation with Liquit can be described under two distinct headings; daily management tasks, and deployment tasks.

Predefined management tasks can be run using the Liquit Workspace Tasks feature, allowing automated clean-up of end users workspaces, ensuring that all applications are synchronized with the latest versions available within the end user’s workspace. All of these tasks can be scheduled to run out of hours so as not to disrupt the end user’s productivity.

Another important task is automating the deployment of an end user’s workspace using the Liquit Workspace Deployment feature. This is the feature that drives the on-boarding process. Creating an automated deployment allows IT to sequence the installation of applications during the imaging process, allowing workspaces to be prepopulated with applications on both physical and virtual devices.