Application Delivery

Deliver applications to the Liquit Digital Workspace, whether SaaS-based, published, or installed on the end users local device.

The biggest advantage for end users that use the Liquit Digital Workspace to deliver their applications is that they are all presented from a single, web-based portal, with the same look and feel, regardless from which device they connect from. It is also regardless of the type of application, and the complication of which application version they should launch, depending on which device they are using. Liquit masks the complexity, and all that the end user will see is the easily recognizable icon for Microsoft Word, for example, on which they click, and Microsoft Word launches. Simple!

Well, behind the scenes it is far from simple, and as an end user they will have no idea, or need to know how Microsoft Word is actually being delivered to them. After all, when you switch on the lights you don’t think about where the electricity comes from, or how it was generated. You simply flick the switch and on comes the light.

With the Liquit Digital Workspace and Smart Icons it’s the same. You click on the application icon and it launches. In this analogy the Smart Icon is the switch and the Liquit Digital Workspace with it’s context aware filters works out the best way to deliver the application – it’s the generating mechanism and the part that the user doesn’t really care about.

Taking the previous example of delivering Microsoft Word, Liquit Digital Workspace place a Smart Icon for Microsoft Word in the end users workspace. Then, based on the user/device/location context, Liquit can deliver Microsoft Word as a locally installed application, a link to Office365, a published application, or it can even install the application locally on the end user’s device if need be. It all depends on the policy set by the IT admins, which, by the way, is equally easy to setup and manage. It also allows them to track application usage; ensuring licensing is up to date.

With Smart Icons the IT teams can present the same icon to the end users, but dynamically adjust how the applications and services are being delivered with no interruption to the end users. Whether that’s delivering a newer version of the application, or moving from an installed version to a cloud hosted version.

Key Features

Liquit enables the delivery of a users workspace independent of the type of end point device they are using, or where they are working from.

Deliver applications to the Liquit Digital Workspace, whether SaaS-based, published, or installed on the end users local device.

Remove the complexity behind delivering the right application, on the right device, for the right user. Just deliver the familiar application icon regardless of the delivery mechanism.

Deliver the best user experience possible, with a single web-based portal, accessible on any device, that intelligently delivers functionality, content, and resources to the end users.

Deliver a personal end user experience to end users by defining what, when, and how their Digital Workspace is delivered, based on job role, end-point device, or location.

Share the Digital Workspace between team members, allowing users to invite other users to share content and resources to aid end user productivity and collaboration.