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Delivering Benefits for Corporate Enterprises

For any corporate enterprise the most important asset to the business are the people who work within it.  Ensuring the end user workforce have the right tools to enable them to remain productive and working efficiently is right up there in terms of priority.  After all, user productivity will affect the bottom line.

A corporate enterprise has many other priorities that they need to focus on too, such as regulatory requirements, staying competitive and ahead of the game, as well the other commercial aspects.

The Liquit Digital Workspace will help a business easily meet these demands, from keeping users productive, to ensuring that business and compliance matters are taken care of.

Liquit for the Corporate Enterprise

Time to Value

With Liquit, rolling out new functionality, features, and content is vastly simplified, and is delivered to the end users immediately.  This ensures that the business can take advantage of the new functionality and content much quicker, enhancing productivity, and allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Regulatory Requirements

Compliance is a major concern for many industries. Achieving compliancy and then staying compliant requires a huge effort, especially when it come to IT compliance. Not being compliant can have a really negative affect on a business, from both a financial perspective as well as a productivity level.

Data protection is critical, and ensuring users have secure access to the right content, and the latest version of an application requires a dynamic environment that can cope with the demands of change.

The Liquit Digital Workspace delivers a future-ready environment.  End users can easily work with the features and content they need, while IT can monitor and manage the functionality, resources and content, delivering it securely to the right user, using the right device and from the right location.

Applications and content can easily by patched and updated to the latest version without disruption or downtime for the end users.


A critical component for any corporate is staying ahead of the competition, given the always changing market conditions, and pressure from the younger start-up organizations that don’t have the legacy environments to contend with, allowing them to embrace newer technologies much quicker.

Liquit enables agility, allowing corporate environments to easily embrace both legacy systems, and the newer cloud-based technologies. Deploying a digital workspace brings these two environments together presenting them to the end users as single user interface.

Business Transformation

Business transformation goes hand-in-hand with agility.  Any organization needs to be agile in order to successfully transform and keep pace with market conditions and demands.  Often business transformation is seem as a disrupter to the daily working of a business, but with Liquit, this end user disruption is all but removed.

Once the digital workspace has been deployed, and users have a single view into their applications and content, IT teams can easily change the backend infrastructure and delivery mechanisms to suit.