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Delivering Benefits to the End User

For an end user, The Liquit Digital Workspace delivers the next generation of Unified or Aggregated Workspace, bringing together private, public, and personal cloud environments, and presenting them to the end users in a single, unified, web-based digital workspace.

As well as giving users that familiar look and feel of a consumer-style catalog that they demand from their IT systems today, they are presented with all the applications and services they need to stay productive, regardless of the device they use, or the location from where they are working.

The workspace is delivered based on user policy, and the context of who they, what device they are currently using, and from where they are connecting, ensuring they always have the best and most appropriate user experience.

Liquit Benefits for End Users

Taking Customization to the Next Level

What if the workspace that is delivered is too generic, and doesn’t quite meet the end user requirements?  An advanced feature within Liquit is the ability to create a Liquit Workspace Team.  A team can be created by both the end users, and the IT department.  Creating teams is a powerful way of creating unique workspaces to cater for different departments within an organization.  Each unique user within a team can perform different roles, whether they are a standard workspace user, a user with the ability to publish applications, or a team moderator. 

As this can be managed outside of IT, it gives the users a sense of that consumer style way of working in that they can build their own environments, tailored specifically to suit their teams working environment.  That’s not always something that IT understands, or can easily cater for.

Other customization tasks allow users to change backgrounds, colour schemes and create their own application categories.

Consumer-Style, Web-based Portal & Application Catalog

A big advantage to an end user is that all their applications and services are delivered to them via a single, web-based portal, with the same look and feel, regardless from which device they connect from.

End users have the ability to choose from IT delivered applications and services, request new services, applications, and content from an online catalog, as well integrate their own content.  Requests can also be integrated into an automated approvals process meaning that applications and services can be delivered instantly once they have been approved.

Delivery is regardless of the type of application, and the complication of which application they should use from which device is taken away.  All that the user will see is the easily recognizable icon for Microsoft Word, for example, on which they click, and Word launches. Simple!  Behind the scenes they have no idea, or need to know how Word is actually being delivered. After all, when you switch on the lights you don’t think about where the electricity comes from, or how it was generated.

Single Web Portal = Single Sign On

One of the most common reports to a help desk is for a forgotten password.  Accessing the Liquit Digital Workspace and all a users applications and content requires just one username and password.  The same one that they use to access any other corporate services.  Of course, if they forget that password then Liquit has that covered too, with the ability to reset their password using self-service.