Delivering the Workspace of the future Aggregate end users applications into a single web-based portal,
delivering the same user experience regardless of the end point device.
Consumer-Style application catalog Request access to new applications, and customize the catalog view
for that personalized user experience, giving users the experience they expect.
Automating the delivery of the user experience. Removing the time consuming onboarding process with an automated process,
allowing delivery at scale, deliver the right workspace experience.
Setup and Patch Management of Applications. Automatically update existing Workspace applications.
Cloud & and Hybrid Cloud Deployment Liquit Digital Workspace solutions are Cloud Ready, and can be installed either on-premises,
on local servers in you own datacentre, hosted on the cloud platform of your choice,
or deployed using a hybrid approach, giving you the best of both worlds.
Request your demo today Liquit solution uniquely combines Workspace (management), IT Automation and Service Catalog in one role-based universal interface. Request your demo today Carante Groep chooses Liquit "We chose for Liquit for its simplicity, its quick management and for the freedom it provides to users working in the Liquit workspace."
— Leon Urbanus
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Liquit Workspace for Healthcare

Delivering IT services within healthcare has always been about mobility.  Whether that’s delivering IT services with the hospital environment, remote clinics, or even home visits, IT has always struggled to keep pace with ensuring that the healthcare professionals have access to the right information, applications and services.

Not only this, and even more importantly, healthcare providers need to improve the quality of life for their patients.

With the Liquit Digital Workspace delivering applications and content to healthcare professionals couldn’t be simpler. Applications, services, and content can be access from any end point device, whether that’s a physical device in a hospital consulting room, or from a mobile device out in the field.

By delivering an aggregated Digital Workspace, Liquit can deliver the multiple different application types used within a healthcare environment, whether they are cloud-based, software as a service applications, applications that are installed onto physical end points, or legacy applications that are still in use today.

Empowering the Clinical Digital Workspace

Sign In Once

Time is a critical component within healthcare, and the ability to reduce time and complexity in accessing IT systems when treating patients could literally be a matter of life or death.  The ability to quickly log in quickly and have instant access to the right applications and services, and at the right time will improve patient wellbeing.

Logging in to the Liquit Digital Workspace is a one off event, taking advantage of single sign on technology.  Not only do they have a single sign in, their credentials for this are exactly the same as they use for accessing all other systems, and there is no need to remember multiple user names and passwords.  Liquit also supports two-factor authentication ensuring the security of applications and data.

Intelligent Delivery

Once logged in a clinician will have access to all the relevant applications they need in order to treat the patient, all based on the context of the user, the device, and the location.  So if they are in an emergency room, then they will have emergency room-based applications available.

24 x 7 Always-On Access

Delivering healthcare services is by no means 9-5.  It operates 24 x 7, 365 days of the year, and therefore IT services are expected to keep up with this always-on clinical environment.

Ensuring clinicians continue to have access to their applications in the event of an outage is often so complex and expensive that some organizations will deploy a strategy to ensure the backend infrastructure services remain operational, but what about the clinicians themselves?  How do they access these services?

With Liquit this process is two-fold, catering for the backend infrastructure, but more importantly the clinicians as well.  First, the Liquit infrastructure can be delivered on premises and in the cloud, so by default is highly available.  For the clinicians, in the event of an outage, they can simply switch device or location and continue working.  Liquit will not only securely deliver their workspace but can also now automatically redirect them to backup services, all running on other infrastructure, and all without having to spend time reconfiguring.

Reducing the Complexity of Application Delivery

Easily deploy application patches and updates from the Liquit central management console, ensuring security and compliance are both met with minimal effort.  By delivering the digital workspace from the browser, remove some of the dependencies on legacy operating systems that are still prevalent in healthcare today.