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Delivering Benefits to the IT Department

In any corporate environment there will be number of different applications, technologies, and platforms that have all been delivered over time.  Some will be new, while others may be much older; however these legacy systems are deemed to be business critical and therefore cannot be changed that easily.  The challenge for the IT teams of today is how to embrace new technologies. continue to manage legacy all while deliver.

Liquit has the answer with the Liquit Digital Workspace.  The Digital Workspace allows applications, services and content, whether they are new and delivered from the cloud, or legacy, to be aggregated and delivered to end users via a single web-based portal, delivering true IT as a Service.

Liquit for the IT Department

Application Lifecycle Management

A key task for IT is managing applications within the environment, ensuring they are up to date and patched, however, doing this without disruption to the end users is a big challenge.  With Liquit, the task of managing applications becomes much simpler.  Applications can be easily be deployed to a number of test users and then have their behaviour monitored, as well as the testing of particular context filters to ensure the user and/or endpoint device meet the minimum requirements.  Remediation tasks can quickly be actioned, and without disruption. Once user acceptance has been completed, applications can then be rolled out into production.

Single Management Console

At the end of the day, the IT teams are also end users and to help facilitate the aggregation and delivery of end user applications, services and content into the workspace, Liquit delivers a single management console from which the workspace can be deployed and managed.  Not only that, it also delivers additional help desk functionality such as the ability to host remote sessions to the end users, or roll back to a previous known working version of the application.

Helpdesk, Remediation, and Incident Resolution

Resolving end user problems is both time consuming and costly, and even more importantly can impact on customer satisfaction, a measurement that often right up there on the list of priorities for an IT team.

Liquit offers the ability to initiate a remote session directly with the end user to quickly understand the problem, and work on remediating the issue or deploying the correct fix.  If the issue is caused due to new functionality, or a newly deployed application failing, then this can simply be rolled-back to the previous known working version.

If this failed application had also been made available to additional end users then, then IT can fix the application just by updating the Smart Icon to ‘point’ to the previous version, and those end users entitled to that particular application will all receive the update.  This can even be taken further by pointing the Smart Icon at a completely different application source.  For example, if a locally installed application has failed for whatever reason, you can easily redirect users to a hosted version temporarily.

High Availability & Business Continuity

Keeping end users productive in the event of an outage is often so complex and expensive that some organizations only deploy a DR strategy for just those applications and services deemed to be mission critical.  With Liquit this process can be easily simplified.  First off, the Liquit solution itself can be delivered on premises and in the cloud, so by default is highly available.  For the end users, in the event of an outage, can simply switch device or location and continue working.  Liquit will not only securely deliver their workspace but can also now direct them to backup services, all running on other infrastructure, and all without having to spend time reconfiguring.