Service Catalog

For the IT department:

The Enterprise Service Catalog functionality enables IT departments to build a corporate self-service portal for all corporate services. Users can access the corporate Service Catalog from any device with a browser and Internet connection. Users will love the consumer style IT experience at work that they know from their private life.

For the End-user:

Liquit Workspace is the single point of access for all IT resources for the end-user in an organization. End-users can pick and choose from the Liquit Service Catalog. They will find everything needed from IT to fulfill their daily tasks through a single pane of glass.

A personalized Workspace is composed dynamically for the end-users based on their role, device and location. End-users will get a dynamic, personalized and relevant user interface regardless of the Operating system (Windows, OS X), type of browser and type of device (mobile, pc, Mac, thin client) In this Workspace they will get easy access to Applications, Apps, Fileshares, URL, Teams. End-users will be able to self-service their IT needs, which cuts down Support calls at the IT department.