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January 2013 we’ve started with the ‘Application Setup Center’ which is available in the ‘Professional Edition’ of Setup Commander for both current customers as well as those who have requested an evaluation license for the ‘Professional Edition’.

Back then we’ve stated: “the ‘Application Setup Center’ is a kind of ‘Application Store’ for Windows applications”. Today Microsoft released Windows 10. Enterprise customers will prepare their enterprise for ‘Windows as a service’ soon. We will help our customers to prepare for and migrate to Windows 10, by offering support for both MSI and non-MSI (also known as legacy) setups for desktop apps on Windows 10.

Today we’ve renamed the ‘Application Setup Center’ to ‘Setup Store’. The ‘Setup Store’ offers ‘Setups as a service’, analogue to Microsoft’s ‘Windows as a service’ strategy. From the ‘Setup Store’ you can easily download most used free available Windows setups to a pre-configured directory on a local drive or on a file share. After a setup has been downloaded, they can easily be configured for enterprise deployment.

Instead of spending time on finding the correct download links for the latest versions of these most common Windows applications, you can now easily download their setups from the ‘Setup Store’ and build or extend your own software setup catalog. You can sort, search and filter the complete ‘Setup Store’ based on Manufacturer Name, Product Name, Version Number, Setup Type, Category, Platform, Filename, Language or Date on which the setup has been added to the Setup Store.

Over the last five years our ‘Setup Store’ has grown to more than 2500 entries. Every day its database is kept up to date with the latest versions and releases of listed setups.

In our weekly newsletter as well as on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+) we inform customers and partners about new entries and updates. Some entries are added because of partners and/or customers suggesting new entries, by using the ‘Request Setup’ feature. Some entries are added, because of the technology partnerships with vendors like Adobe, Microsoft, Novell and VMware.

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