Liquit Digital Workspace for Corporate Business

Corporate and commercial customers, however big or small, regardless of whether they specialise in retail, manufacturing, finance, or leisure, they all share the same challenges when it comes to delivering the end user experience.

Organisations need to ensure that the end user workforce have all the right tools that will enable them to remain productive wherever they work from, and provide them with the flexibility to use which ever device is suitable for the environment in which they work.

With the Liquit Digital Workspace all of these challenges can be met, and also provide some innovative new ways of delivering the end user experience. Delivering applications and content to end users couldn’t be simpler. The end users have the ability to launch applications and review content from any end point device they choose to use, whether that’s a physical PC, or laptop in the office, or from their own mobile devices, connecting remotely. For corporate businesses this is an enabler to flexible working policies, something that could not only give them a competitive advantage when recruiting new staff members, but also when it comes to the bottom line!

Providing an aggregated Digital Workspace allows Liquit to deliver all kinds of different application types, whether they are cloud-based software as a service applications, or applications that are installed onto physical end points, or even older legacy applications, all helping break down those different infrastructure silos.

As a direct result, end user productivity will increase, while the need to engage IT for those simpler tasks will decrease, freeing them up to continue with more strategic, project based tasks.

Empowering the Digital Workspace for Corporate Business

On-boarding Users

Enabling end user access to corporate IT systems is often a time consuming task, and typically not a smooth running process, for either the IT team, or the end user. Have they got the right applications? Which applications do they actually need? How are they going to access their workspace and applications? All these questions need answering, yet the IT team will unlikely be able to speak directly to the end user to ask them what they need.

Deploying the Liquit Digital Workspace enables simplified, and fast on-boarding of end users. Once the IT team have granted the end user access to their workspace, they can deploy the standard set of corporate applications; the applications that all users have access to.

The workspace can then be tailored to suit specific job roles using an advanced feature within the Liquit Digital Workspace called a Workspace Team. Creating workspace teams is a powerful way of creating unique workspaces to cater for different departments within an organization, without the IT team needing to figure out each individual user role.

Delivering The End User Experience

The Liquit Digital Workspace provides end users with a clean and simple view of all the applications, services, and content that is available to them.

Application icons are displayed within a web-based portal with a customizable background that can also be branded with a company logo.

End users can further enhance their experience with the ability to resize icons, and add applications from a consumer-style catalog, request access to new applications, or even build their own teams for collaborating and sharing content.

What makes Liquit so powerful is its ability to launch and manage the wide and varied number of applications and services available to end users today, with the big advantage of consolidating these into a single user interface, not only for end users to consume from, but for IT to manage the lifecycle of deployed applications from. It’s where Consumer Experience meets Corporate Management.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When one company merges or acquires another company, one of the first and most complex tasks is to understand how to integrate two very different IT systems. How do you allow the new company to have access to the new systems and applications they are now going to need?

With the Liquit Digital Workspace this becomes a much easier process. By providing the new company the URL of the workspace, they will simply be able to connect, using any device, from any location, and access the applications and services they need.