Liquit accelerates your move to WVD

Connect. Publish. Go!

Bringing the desktop to the cloud is difficult for large enterprise customers. We make it simple. We integrate with what you have, plug into where you want to go, and let you decide who holds the keys.
Once you plug and publish, you can change anything in your infrastructure without worrying about the impact on the end-user.

Liquit is a certified Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) software integration partner. Our agnostic API design enables the flexibility needed to bridge complicated enterprise Windows environments to the cloud and to seamlessly transition from legacy to modern workspace solutions without impacting the end-user. Liquit automates and manages all aspects of the end-user workspace experience.

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Legacy to WVD= Easy

Plug into any combination of application servers regardless of where they are and aggregate your application delivery and management into one console. Connect to on premise Windows Server 2008 and 2012 applications and to WVD or RDP served applications and publish to your end-users with personalized contextual filters.  Future updates to 2016 or moves to VDI platforms are masked from the end-user.  Simply tell Liquit where to retrieve the application and we will deliver it.


Simple Management

One administrative console to handle release and patch management. Automated updates. Predefined automated tasks. Facilitate end-user personalization with preapproved catalogue of services and applications for self service. Automated deployment of applications, makes it easy to prepopulate physical and virtual devices.


Excellent EUX

Users do not need to learn anything new. Keep your existing portal, we integrate with all (i.e. Teams or SharePoint). End-users can work on or offline. True single sign on. Log in once and go between local, HTML , VDI, SaaS and DaaS based applications. A single icon for an application that can be delivered in a variety of ways depending upon the context. Administrators have full control over the end-user environment, while allowing the user to customize and personalize via a preapproved self service catalogue of applications and services (i.e. printer etc).

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